When Sekhmet, The Mighty One, roared into my cards this week, I didn't even know what to say. Sekhmet encourages to get in touch with our anger and our rage and use it to transform our lives and our situations. As someone who wrestles with depression -- "anger turned inward," as the saying goes -- giving free range to my anger and rage is sometimes frightening. And given that American society's response to a woman with strong emotions and opinions, a woman who shows anger, is typically to dismiss her as irrational and thus not worth listening to, letting my inner Sekhmet out is something I've been strongly socialized to avoid.

But she is here to visit, in all her lion-headed majesty....


Sekhmet by Hrana Janto

"Let your darker emotions bring you strength"

Some questions I'll ponder this week....

How can I transform my depression into fuel for transformation?

How can I transform my anger into fuel for transformation?

What does anger feel like? Where do I feel it in my body?

How can I channel my anger into things that bring me strength?

Do I resist acknowledging my anger? How?

How can I acknowledge anger in a way that is productive?