As I explore how the Goddess and women made a mark on our shared spiritual heritage, I cannot forget that we are creating a history of Her, here and now. What we make, do, write, and become will be analyzed by future generations. How will we be remembered?

One of the traditions that we are creating now is the celebration of Pagan Pride throughout September. This weekend I attended the new St. Louis Pagan Pride event with the intention of seeking the Goddess. I found her in the faces of the women around me.


As I sat on a stone bench watching the group Exotic Rhythms dance, I suddenly realized that I was surrounded mostly by other women. On the next bench over sat an enraptured little girl, and I wondered how it would have felt to have been her age and see this diverse group of women dancing beautifully. For me now, it felt wonderful. In my mind I heard, "She's here".

After the performance, I wandered over to a massive oak tree where a workshop was being held. Alivanna Rose Moore of Odyssey Craftworks put on an informative lesson about structuring rituals for diverse spiritual traditions.


We sat in a circle, women of all ages, as a woman signed Alivanna's words in ASL. Again, I felt it, "She's here".