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Yule 2018: Something Cozy This Way Comes


Something cozy this way comes. Our wrangler, Joanne Sprott, tasked us with addressing the issue of cozy. In my other blog, I go on about what cozy means to me and how I'm not getting it right now. But for this entry, I thought I would offer up something else.

Cozy, to me, is that warm fuzzy feeling of being wrapped up in something soft and just the right temperature. Another type of cozy, though, is a soft covering to keep a teapot, boiled egg, etc., hot. Or so says the dictionary. I knew about the tea cozy, but an egg cozy? The mind boggles.

But the idea of being cozy really appeals. I looked up a bunch of quotes but none quite hit me. Then I realized that all I really wanted to do was to build a cozy little Tarot spread. But what to put into this spread? Cozy things!

There are a few things I require for being at my most cozy. A nice pair of slippers (my honey got me new slippers for this holiday) is a must. Cold toes are very distracting.

A snuggling robe--which is a very specific type of robe! It must have some weight and the sleeves should be too long.

Toast is one of my go-to's for a simple, feel-good breakfast. It doesn't take too much time and you can put butter on it. Mmmmm butter!

Last but not least is a good cup of tea. I'm no tea snob! I'll dunk a bag as fast as I'll use loose leaf. But my favorite tea is Dragon's Eye Oolong. If not that, then some Irish Breakfast tea it is. I have a Seek Joy, Y'all mug, but sometimes only my Control Issues mug will do.

b2ap3_thumbnail_ZazzleHulaHoopMug.JPGI Can Only Control What's In My Hula Hoop!


Now that I have the items, let's look at the spread. It is as simple as the items needed to be cozy.


Gettin' Cozy Tarot Spread

  • Slippers: This is what grounds me
  • Robe: This is what comforts me
  • Toast: This is what I need more of
  • Tea: This is what I offer to others

I hope you will get cozy with me. Let me know how you like this spread.


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Professional Tarot conversationalist, Arwen Lynch has worked with Tarot as a vehicle for personal transformation since 1980. Her personal philosophy is that Tarot is best used to correct your life course. She is a published author (in romance, as Marilu Mann) as well as past president of the American Tarot Association (4/1/2007-4/1/2014). She specializes in helping people who are determined find their joy and writers who want to finish their book. She's an initiate of Wicca.


  • Joy Vernon
    Joy Vernon Friday, 21 December 2018

    Buttered toast and hot tea is such a good breakfast! I love it.

  • Arwen Lynch
    Arwen Lynch Friday, 21 December 2018

    So glad to find another who loves this simple pleasure!

  • Francesca De Grandis
    Francesca De Grandis Friday, 21 December 2018

    Oh my goodness, what a fabulous spread. It will remind people what they need or help them realize it for the first time, as I’m sure you know. Kudos!

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