Our Wrangler, Aisling the lovely, asked this group of bloggers to tackle the dead. Well, not exactly, but she did say,

In this season, we celebrate All Hallows Eve, or Hallowe’en, a festival of recognition of the power of spirit, especially the spirits of our beloved dead. The Pagan word “Samhain”, by which many, if not most, of us represent this festival, is the word for the month of November, and was used to speak of the beginning of this month and “summer’s end”. This is a time when the life of earth and the life of spirit, whether considered to be above, below, within, around, or in any other relationship with humanity, are deeply connected. So, for this year’s ‘Hop, I would like to see how many of us see spirit in how many different ways, as follows:
1. What is the most important thing the spirits of your beloved dead have been attempting to show or teach you this year?
2. What is your personal connection to Spirit, as you define it, whether that be Gods and Goddesses, the Powers of the Land, the Souls of the Dead (or the Living), or in any other way you define this word. How does Spirit connect with you and at the end of this year, what is the primary energy of Spirit that is showing itself to you?
3. What will be your personal Gift to Spirit, whether this is an offering made to Deity, something you will do because of what Spirit has taught you, or some other way of acknowledging the influence of the Living Dead on your own life.

So for this blog (I have two in this hop). I wanted to take on that first question. What's the most important thing my beloved dead have been attempting to show or teach me this year? It's a great question, right? One that would be so great if our beloved dead would pony up to the bar and answer. But, as you may know, the beloved dead can be right quiet at times. So how about a Tarot spread to seek some answers?


What's My Lesson?

1. What's the lesson you've been bringing before me?

2.  How am I doing so far?

3. What is the next step for me to take?

4. How would I know who you are in my ancestry?


I used the Influence of Angels Tarot (permission received. All rights remain with U.S. Games Systems, INC.)


My first card is the Ace of Pentacles. Growth, business, money management are the lessons I've been brought this year. That's very interesting as I have been really hard at work learning things for my business. Not necessarily money management, but money growth for sure. 


Next, I received the Two of Cups which, again, is interesting from the emotional aspect. If I stay in my lane with the Ace of Pentacles, I believe this is reminding me that I  am doing okay with my relationship with money. I am embracing my own work in terms of my finances. Of course, my husband is helping this a lot so there is a dual message here.


For the next step, card three, I got the Tower. HOLY HELL, ANCESTORS. Really? Do I have to bite the bullet? Knock it all down?  Remember that when things come crashing down, I can always rebuild? This one seems like a monkey wrench to me. Or perhaps it is that I need to move away from the idea of building so high. Maybe I need to focus on the mundane more? If you have a thought, leave me a comment! (you will need to create an account. )


Last, but not least, I get the Hanged Man. That tickles me because if this ancestor is serious, then they are from my Lynch line (yep, the Hanging Judge.) It is also someone who feels as if they are a willing sacrifice. I also think they had to change their perspective. Not sure who this is other than my paternal line. Perhaps the grandfather I never met?

I hope you take time to try this spread. I'd love to hear what you think.