We've had an interesting first day of September here on the eastern plains of New Mexico. From a bright and sunny morning to a dust storm cum rainstorm to an ominous sky just now. Those are the worst as they can produce mud. I've never seen one, but I read an old newspaper story about one. Folks said it coated their windows.

I've been thinking a lot about my inconsistencies with blogging and journaling. I used to be very dedicated to both. I guess as the seasons and years have passed, I've changed. I want to get back to it so this is my attempt. 

I've wrapped up a few of my USGames writing projects (Bianco Nero Tarot, Practical Tarot Wisdom are both out. Two other projects are in production.) I have another deck in the works (the artist is working on images). So of course, I have decided to tackle my spreads book. Hey! I set it up as a goal for this year. Might as well give it more than a cursory nod, right?

For me, Fall is when I come alive. Cooler temperatures bring out the best in me. And after this past Mars and Mercury double-whammy, the best in me dug a deep hole. Was it a rough retrograde for you?  From a medical malfunction to the loss of two animals, I could just write August off as a total loss. That's rare for me. As a professional Joy Seeker, I take a fair bit of pride in finding that damned joy.


Just some old bottles so there's an image. :D


August, however, nearly won. Some days my #3DailyJoys was "didn't slap anyone." Serious, y'all. But I did do them missing only a few days. I'd love for you to join in the magic. It's a self-aimed spell. By that I mean, I do work to find joy EVERY DAMNED DAY. Then I post it with a picture. Often the picture has nothing to do with the post because it's too much some days to find three itty-bitty joys  AND take a picture. You know what I mean? If you join in, just tag it #3dailyjoys. 

And so, September is begun. Because this is a Tarot blog, I'll point you in the direction of a Tarot magazine you can check out. And a great deal of thanks goes to Anne Niven Newkirk for doing her damndest to tell me why I  shouldn't have taken on the magazine. There are days when I  go over that conversation thinking, "Shoulda listened to  Anne." 

What's your favorite Tarot deck? I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to read this ramble. Let's see if I can't post at least once a week, shall we?