Sedna’s Daughters: Healing from Family Estrangement

Families in patriarchal cultures often mete out similar types of domination and oppression on their daughters that women experience in the larger world. For many daughters (and sons/trans/genderqueer folks), this includes scapegoating and rejection. Sedna’s Daughters provides a safe space for discussion on earth-based, spiritual approaches to healing from the confusing experience of family estrangement and recognizes all people's inherent belonging to Mother Earth, the human family, and the cosmos.

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In 2020, Forget Self-Improvement and Bolster LOVE

Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs

b2ap3_thumbnail_joy.jpgWith every new year, we are told to assess our current life and begin making changes to all that is wrong and inadequate about ourselves. "Once and for all" we are expected to erase our short-comings by looking for what we lack, where we have failed, and pointing to our previous poor choices. "Look in the mirror" and start judging, for our own good, we are urged by self-help groups, healthcare professionals, and mainstream media...This self-criticism is supposed to motivate us for positive change; but we all know that it rarely does, at least not for long!

Railing on ourselves with a cruel inner critic is paralyzing, not motivating.

Talking ourselves down closes the heart and makes an anxious mind.

How about this year we look at what we have done right in recent years in order to do more of that goodness? How about this year we see where we have succeeded in our own lives, in our relationships, and in our communities, and expand on those successes? What if at the beginning of 2020 we point to all our previous excellent life choices and enlist ways we can make more of them? How about telling ourselves daily:

I can do this! I have what it takes to impact myself and the communities I value! Yes!

Best of all, what made you happiest last year? When did you feel most fulfilled and that your life had purpose & meaning? When we feel happy and safe, we feel capable and strong--now that's motivating! Those feelings truly can change everything we touch for the better--and this world needs everyone's help!


In this new year of 2020, I wish you all the strength to do more of what you already love about yourself and your life; to build on what you love; to look at yourself in LOVE and magnify it. From that truly radical act, I suspect we will all discover that what needs done in our lives and in this world will get done much more effectively from the nurturing power of love that opens our hearts, expands our energy, and makes us feel capable of anything!

Love is Creative and Empowering! Go for it!

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I have a Ph.D., am a victim's advocate, college-level educator, and was shunned by my maternal biological kin and their family friends over a decade ago. I have built an international community of daughters (and sons) committed to supporting one another and thriving despite the aggression of our relatives. “Sedna” is the EuroAmerican name of a revered Inuit Creatrix who was violently rejected by her parents and cast into the sea to die, but instead survived to create otters, seals, and whales.  Sedna is also the name of a star just appearing in the farthest reaches of our solar system and discovered by astronomers on November 14, 2003. Nick Anthony Fiorenza writes that "Sedna's message here is that humanity must recognize the truth about the suppression, persecution, abduction and exploitation of the feminine force in the world; and this mentality perpetuating such must be addressed and changed." Healing women is my life's work. See my Facebook Page at


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