Today I remember who I am, and who my ancestors were. I stand at the crossroads and reflect on the past spiritual year. Have I been Witch enough? No, there is always room for improvements. Have I faced darkness and survived? Yes, and I most likely will again. I am indestructible. Have I gained allies and made commitments to my Gods? Yes, I seek to deepen our relationships. Having Virgo on my midheaven spurs me to always strive. I am Witch, I am pledged to the Gods and am blessed to feel Their Presence. I am the living incarnation of my great-grandmother's blood, of my grandmother's blood, of my mother's blood. I am Witch, who brings light upon the world. I am Witch, who seeks to understand and integrate the shadow. I am Witch, I am Witch, I am Witch.

Blessed Samhain, all, and a Happy Halloween! Hail Isis!

Photo © 2013 Kalyca Schultz.

Photo of Kalyca for blog by Tolley Photo.