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A Priestess is a woman who acts as a conduit between the Heavenly and the Earthly realms, as our world shifts and turns and re-awakens it's ties to the Divine Feminine the role of the Priestess is once again coming out into the light of day. The Priestess Grove is a sanctuary of Priestess tools, ideas and inspiration to encourage the growth and re-emergence of Goddess consciousness back into the third dimensional world.

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Womb Cauldron, the seat of Feminine Power

The most physically inspiring experience that I have had as a Priestess and as a woman has been the reawakening of a conscious relationship with my womb. 


This relationship has inspired me so deeply that I have spent much of my time as a Priestess preparing articles, workshops and am slowly pattering away at a book all about this subject, our connection to our womb as women, the womb's connection to the moon and how this empowers us while we are embodied in the female form on earth.


Whenever I broach this subject I am clear that all women have a wombspace of power, this includes women who have had hysterectomies and transgender women, all women have a powerful inner cauldron. Our wombspace of power is not solely physical, it is energetic in nature.


This wombspace that we carry within us is a sacred cauldron, it is the space within that makes us the Grand Receiver. When I first sat in circle with the Priestess that began my Priestess training, she taught me that as a women I was the Grand Receiver, that my gift to the world was not about how much I gave out, it was about how much I could receive, how whole heartedly I could receive everything and everyone. My wombspace is the energetic vortex that magnetizes all that I need into me.


When worked with in a conscious way my womb is my powerhouse that stores up all of my good, my grace, my love, my power, the wisdom of my ancestors. I can also draw into me the spiritual essence and the vibration of others. When I fully align to the power of my womb I have within me a simmering and potent well of spiritual gifts upon which to draw at all times, this is a well which never runs dry as it is a microcosm of the Great Mother's womb, it is divine in nature and is renewed and rejuvenated each time that I align with the Goddess.


The challenge that I find in working with this space, is that it is very easy to unconsciously draw energy into myself that doesn't serve me, or to accumulate energy that becomes stagnant.


I believe %100 that there is no power in what is deemed 'negative energy' I will go as far as to say that I don't believe that what this realm identifies as negative energy has any power whatsoever. However, I know that there are lower vibrations that, if caught off guard, can pull my energy down, or that there are some vibrations of energy that are risky for me, they are tempting and alluring and point me in the direction of danger, these are energies that match the resonance of old destructive cycles that I have been familiar with in earlier portions of my walk in this human lifetime, or in past lifetimes. While these energies don't have any power in and of themselves, when matched with my particular energy resonance and with where I still need to strengthen in consciousness they can be harmful to me. I must then be aware of how I work with the energy that I surround myself with. If I am engaging for destructive purposes these energies can stick within my wombspace and take a long time to release. If however, I am receiving these energies as an act of service to humanity and am aligned with the Goddess, I can transmute and release these energies not only for myself, but for the person or situation involved.


This is why conscious work with my wombspace is so important and inspiring for me. When I choose what stays in my wombspace and what I want to draw unto me, I am then able to fill myself, my cauldron, the chalice of my physical vessel with the exact vibrational pattern that I desire. I draw uno me love, passion, inspiration, empowerment, sovereignty, wisdom, playfulness and sensuality as some of my favourite energies.


When I started working with my womb energy I had a lot of unwanted vibrations that had accumulated and were lingering within my womb that I no longer wanted residing in there. Parental conditioning that had been wounding, the blueprint of many lovers that I had taken in moments of unawareness back in wilder bleaker days as a Maiden, ancestral pain that hadn't been healed and my own inner child that hadn't been aloud to come out for years all churned and clouded the power within my cauldron. All of this and more was locked up within my wombspace, how thankful I am that my womb held all of that for me until I was ready to process, release and transmute.


There were many tools that I utilized to release the old from my wombspace, crystal work, sound therapy, counselling, transformative breath work, journalling, an amazing womb series course by Anaiya Sophia and a breath sequence that I intuited. 


The breath sequence that came to me is one that I utilize weekly, if I notice that my womb is feeling heavy, or cloudy or simply that I am not picking up as many clear messages from my womb that I need, then I use this breath, it is breathed as follows:


  • Inhale into the heart, visualize the breath coming into the front of your heart, the left side, the right side, the top and the bottom, like a big, bright star you are drawing fresh energy from the Goddess into your heart.
  • Exhale the breathe from your now full heart down into your wombspace. Pause, circulate the breath, feel the breath swirling around inside of your cauldron.
  • Inhale the breath up from the wombspace back into the heart.
  • Exhale the breath out of the heart, from all sides, front and back, up and down, radiating energy that you are flushing out, energy that is released from your heart, the doorway to the Universal heart, and into the world to be recycled back into pure consciousness.
As I repeat the above sequence I not only empty out any excess energy that is no longer serving me, I also fill my womb with fresh energy. I am reminded that I am filled by pure Goddess energy then I remember that all other forms that come into my life experience are but expressions of that One Goddess presence, it is She who comes to me and it is She whom I receive into my womb.
I have become quieter and I sit longer with my womb energy now that I know the power that I hold within me. I hear the ancient messages of my ancestors, their messages are buried deep within me, their seeds of wisdom and growth sustain me and propel me to continue walking the spiral path of the Priestess, the path that I have chosen to advance my family lineage in consciousness. I hear the ancestors deep within my womb and I hear the Great Goddess deep within my womb. 
Grace appears as my every need in the outer plane, and the substance of those appearances is birthed through my desires, my needs and the magic that is conjured deep within my belly. This is the seat of my feminine power, this is where I feel my truth as truth, this cauldron serves as my personal pendulum, it answers my questions, all that I wish to contain and to grow stays and germinates within me.
When my wombsapce is cleansed and full and pulsating, I can sit and be in a room and fill it with blessings simply by receiving each person, their story, their pain, their excitement, their pride. When I receive all into my womb in a conscious way I can transmute any energy that I take in. I can pull in sadness, death, despair, rage or jealousy and I can welcome it deep into my heart, bring it down into my belly, boil it and transform it and release it back into the world as pure Goddess essence. 
That is the magic that lies within our wombspace, the ability to receive everything without judgement or fear and to transmute it back into it's holy essence. The Priestess path honours the humanity that we possess as well as our divinity, there will be times that I feel as though certain energies have power over me, or that I am not strong enough to lift them up, those are the times that I use my womb breath to charge myself up, I find through the breath that I gain the ability to clear those uncomfortable energies through me. There are also times when I consciously choose to welcome the most unwanted and feel nothing but joy as I hug to me the rejected and bring it into the womb of the Mother.
As Priestesses, as mothers, as women this is the gift that we can offer to the world, it takes strength, faith and unconditional love. With the power of our wombs, if we choose, we can bring love where it is most lacking. My hope is that each one of us will call upon the power of our womb in all circumstances, joyful and sad, personal and universal and draw it all back into our wombs and breath it all out and back into the lap of the Mother. My hope is, that in this service to the all we will remember our power, our magic, our sovereignty and our true Goddess essence, that as we rise up in our power, the power of the Great Mother will be remembered and reawakened in all.
Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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Candise is an ordained Priestess, a professional psychic channel, writer, workshop, ceremony and ritual facilitator and an energy worker.
She is a Priestess of Grace who works with the Butterfly Spirit which is her totem.
Candise practices a faith that she has named 'Lunar Mysticism'. In mysticism we acknowledge One Source and recognize all else as human hypnotism. In Lunar spirituality we embrace duality and marry it, forming non-duality. It is through the practice of Lunar Mysticism that Candise utilizes ritual as a tool to see beyond the hypnotic suggestion of this realm.
Priestess' have practiced the art of marrying the energies from this Earth realm and the Higher realms together for many moons now.
Mystics endeavour to find Source behind the suggestions of illusion.
Thus the Lunar Mystic approach to life is to marry the Truth of perfection with the human experience. This is the path that Candise Priestess', the Spiral Path of Grace, the path of the Feminine Mystic.
Her services are offered both in person and via distance, one on one or in group settings, depending on what it is that you are in need of. You can find her services at :


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