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As metaphysically minded people, we need to be very aware of the impact and importance that herbs and plants have, not only spiritually, but physically. The Herbal Healing Perspective will strive to provide you with safe non-toxic alternatives. Living well is a life long journey.

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Olive Leaf: Your Secret Weapon on Immunity

Being one to reach for a holistic cure, before dowsing myself with all sorts of medications, I also attempt to do the same for my four-legged-furry family. I am here to extol the amazing healing properties of Olive Leaf. Recently all of my babies contracted Feline calicivirus, a cat upper respiratory illness, commonly known as the cat flu.

Those of us who own animals understand that sharing space with them is like living with a continual three year old, well I have five of them … all sick at the same time. When speaking to the veterinarian, he basically told me there is no specific treatment for FCV. Antibiotics could be are used for secondary bacterial infections, and immune modulators, but not much else can be done. I went back to nature.

A year or so ago I had given my Rottweiler olive leaf pills for a skin condition and it worked very well. However, giving pills to a cat is a ridiculous endeavor and what works for a 125 lb dog may not work for a 13 lb cat. After speaking with the vet [making sure each animal could handle olive leaf, some breeds cannot], I took a trip to my local herb store in search of a liquid Olive Leaf complex.

Olive leaf is more of an antioxidant, than vitamin C or E and an effective treatment in diseases related to free-radical damage and oxidative stress. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Olive leaf has several antibacterial activities against stomach ulcers, Staphylococcus, and viruses including those which cause the common cold, flu, cold sores, herpes and HIV. It is used as an anti-inflammatory reducing the amount of inflammation in the body, while the combined antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive (blood-pressure-reducing) effects of olive leaf extract make it an ideal treatment for high cholesterol and heart disease. According to Johnny Bowden, PhD, in his article “Olive Leaf Complex-Your secret weapon for health and immunity” for Total Health Magazine he states, “Olive leaf complex is quite simply one of the most useful natural compounds I’ve ever encountered. It’s a powerful health tonic that’s fantastic for general well-being and enhanced immunity.”

Long considered sacred, the oil was used to anoint kings or burnt in the sacred lamps of temples. It was also the "eternal flame" of the original Olympic Games. Pliny the Elder speaks of an olive tree that was 1,600 years old, the Roman poet Horace mentions it in reference to his own diet, and as far back as 3000 BC, olives were grown in Crete. As a symbol of abundance, wisdom, glory, fertility, power it is believed that the Olive tree was the source of wealth for the Minoan civilization.

I am pleased to say that Suave, Malo, Dre-Dre, MattieKat & JadieKatHoudiniFreakyFatbottomBair are all on the mend and swearing they are well enough to go outside and play.

Blessings Be! Magikal Martha

Magikal Fare~ Olive Leaf Tea

Olive leaves are edible, however extremely astringent (bitter). To chew a leaf straight off the tree is probably going to make you gag and spit it out, leaving your mouth feeling really dry and furry. It is easy to prepare olive leaf for tea at home.

1. Find a healthy Manzanillo or Mission olive tree.

2. Wrap you fingers in Band-Aids or cloth tape and pull across the longer branches to get a handful of leaves.

3. Soak then wash the leaves thoroughly with clean water, removing dirt and or chemicals present.

4. Once cleaned the leaves should be spread over an absorbent (cotton) surface and shade dried for a day.

5. After first drying, sift the leaves to remove loose stems and then lightly pack in open bags to thoroughly dry and cure in a dry, cool, dark area, the longer the better.

6. Once fully dried leaves can be used whole or for best results ground before brewing, a blender on the slowest speed works nicely.

7. Bring fresh water to a boil, allow to cool, then pour over the loose leaves in an infuser where it is left to steep for 4 to 5 minutes.

Magikal Abilities


TYPE: Olive Tree

MAGICKAL FORM: Healing, Peace, Potency, Lust

The Olive leaf has long been used to symbolize peace, thus the saying 'extending an olive branch in peace'. Use in spells to calm and quiet a quarreling home. After performing a house blessing strew about home under doormats, corners of room's etc.

Add 9 Olive leaves to spring or rain water, soak for 3 days, strain and use as blessing water for house blessings, magic circles. Place olive leaves & wine in Chalice as altar offering.

The instructions for making olive leaf extract/tincture are ridiculously easy:

1. Wash the leaves well, and then place in a glass jar. I prefer to use a mortar & pestal, however you can use a food chopper or processor keeping in mind that this may add the element of iron to your tincture.

2. Cover with 80% proof vodka.

3. If you’re using fresh leaves, then the ration of leaves to vodka 8 ounces of leaves, to 16 – 24 ounces of vodka. If you’re using dried leaves, the ratio is 1 leaves: 5 vodka.

4. Seal the glass, and let it sit in a dark place for at least two weeks, but no more than six weeks. (Mine was ‘brewing’ for four weeks.) Shake it once a day. Making sure the leaves are covered by liquid; add more vodka if necessary.

5. After two weeks, strain.

6. Use your tincture!

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  • Lizann Bassham
    Lizann Bassham Monday, 29 July 2013

    Thank you thank you thank you! Off to my local apothecary!

  • Tammye McDuff
    Tammye McDuff Tuesday, 30 July 2013

    Anytime dear lady. If you need further assistance - feel free to contact me .....

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