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The New Moon is a time for initiating and planting seeds in our lives; it is a symbolic time of personal rebirth. Metaphorically, it is the time of the Maiden, the new, fresh outgoing energy of the Triple Goddess. It's the optimum time to birth new intentions, set plans in motion, and state new goals. While the Moon is still dark (not visible) our seedling intentions can be nurtured and their roots can be strengthened. This blog will address the New Moon each month from an Astrological perspective, and how you can co-create with the natural rhythms to manifest your highest intent. Each Moon will correspond to a Guiding Goddess Archetype that resonates with the current astrological energies.

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New Moon in Capricorn: Radical Reality


The New Moon this month occurs in the sign of Capricorn (0°) on Sunday, December 21st, at 5:36 pm (PST).  Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign, meaning that it is a gateway sign, ushering us into a new season and a new chapter, and resonating with the sustaining and stable element of Earth.  Capricorn is the archetype of the  “Senex” - the Wise Old Man, the Sage, or the Elder in Jungian parlance.   Capricorn also encompasses the Crone, or the Wisewoman archetype.  Saturn rules this Earth sign, and Capricorn has an intimate understanding of the gifts of practicality, hard work, and above all, perseverance.  


The New Moon is birthed just a couple of hours after the  moment of Winter Solstice this year, which occurs at 3:03 pm (PST).  Both signify the imminent return of the light from the darkness, and a doubly potent time to birth new intentions for the year ahead.  The darkness of the longest day of the year, and the deep stillness of the Moon renewing itself is a magic time for going within, and meeting what is there.  We can hear the ancestors, and listen to the hidden parts of our selves speak in the stillness.  We can see how far we have come, and decide where to point our compass for the next leg of the Journey. The Solstice is a time of repose and reflection, with the knowledge that in the moment of greatest darkness, the light is again miraculously reborn.  The light returns, and spring is once more, just around the corner.  In that twinkling, our faith in the cyclical continuance of life is reaffirmed,  and not too long from now, the days will become noticeably longer again.  Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, is about to move into Sagittarius on December 23rd, for the first time in 30 years.  This is big news, and a big shift.  I feel like we are entering a time of radical reality.  We will have the ability to blend optimism and faith with the fortifying, steadying solidity of Saturn.



Every New Moon is Unique

Although the New Moon occurs in each sign once a year, each New Moon is unique.  The closest aspects to this year’s New Moon is a conjunction to Mercury and a sextile to Neptune, which can facilitate deep and numinous communication with our selves and those in our inner circles. 


Guiding Goddess Archetypes

Capricorn as the Wisewoman archetype resonates with the Goddess in her Crone aspect.  Of the many examples of Goddess as Crone, Hecate, Goddess of the Crossroads, teaches us that the accumulation of experience and intuition over a lifetime translates into hard won wisdom.  Jean Shinoda Bolen illustrates the alchemical transformation of life’s lessons into canny psychic gold regarding Hecate: “Hers is wisdom learned from experience; she is what makes us grow wiser as we grow older.  At significant forks in the road, she recalls the shape of the past, honestly sees the present, and has a sense of what lies ahead at the soul level” (Goddesses in Older Women, 2001.)  Because Hecate is the Goddess of the Crossroads, sometimes her wisdom can seem harsh to us.  It is not always easy to make decisions when the choices presented are between the proverbial rock and the hard place.  This is where Capricorn sometimes gets her reputation for being “cold”, or detached.  It is not that Capricorn lacks feeling, but she knows that sometimes there are no easy answers, and that sacrifices must be made in order to survive.  The other side of this coin is that what Capricorn seems to lack in sentiment, she makes up for with determination, perseverance and unshakable loyalty.  She has the propensity for endurance under the most daunting of circumstances, and will work as hard as necessary to achieve her end goal.

SageWoman 82 – The Wise Woman: The Hard Road to Hecate: Capricorn and the Wise Woman Archetype, D. Blackwood. 2012.


New Moon in Capricorn Affirmations

  • I manifest what I desire through ambition, patience and practical steps.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  • I embrace responsibility.  I am capable, can rise to the challenge, and excel at what ever is in front of me.

  • I can wait it out.  I am patient and in times of stress, remember to simply put one foot in front of the other.

  • I am a natural problem solver.  I thrive on creating sound solutions.

  • I enjoy the fruits of my labor, and my earthly pleasures

  • I am a competent strategist and love a challenge


                               Wishing you and yours a peaceful and happy Yule!




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Danielle is the Astrology columnist for SageWoman magazine and Banyen Books and Sound. She has studied Astrology for over 27 years, and has professional certification in Psychological Astrology. She works in private practice as an consulting Astrologer and Intuitive Holistic Counselor. Danielle holds a degree in Women's Studies, and is currently completing a second degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Counseling Psychology. She is a passionate scholar of the works of Carl Jung, mythology, and archetypal psychology, and works best with individuals who are on a psycho-spiritual growth path. Her essay Dancing in the Temple of the Queen of Heaven, was recently published in the anthology, A Mantle of Stars. Contact Danielle to book your next reading at


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