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As we become older, especially when we are in Service as a Priestess of the Global Goddess, it becomes imperative to be as authentic as we can be. Having reached a time in my life when I am recognized as a Wisdom Keeper, I stand in my Power and know that the Goddess speaks through me - through my music and my teachings - for the good of One and the good of All. In this blog, I will do my best to share what She asks me to. I will do it with grace and ease whilst steadily pushing my ego aside.....I invite you to read my words in the same way. Blessings to All.

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My Sacred Blood


My blood
My deep red flowing blood
Flowing in joyous delight
Through the caverns and crevices
Of my life
My good red blood
Racing in anticipation
Of things yet to be revealed
Full of curiosity
Feeling no restraint
Innocent of dangers
Powerful beyond my knowing….yet…..

My good red blood
My hot red blood
Wishing to be seen
Sticky on my thighs
What is this new wonder
My blood
My deep red blood
Turning brown
On my slim white skirt
Time of revelation
Time of consternation
For this good red blood
Singing like a river of celebration
Through my now woman veins
My blood
My good red hot Maiden blood
Called back to the Earth
Running down my legs
Leaving little red pools
On the fresh mown grass

My blood
My rich red blood
Nourishing new life
Thickening with time
Resting in the womb
Singing lullabies
Time is standing still
For my rich red hot sticky blood
Waxing and waning
Singing to the seasons
Of the Moon
Joining in the dance
When I gather with my sisters
Singing out of time
In perfect rhythm
With a power greater than…….
My good red hot Mother’s blood
Nectar of Creation
Flowing back to the Creatrix
Of all Sacred Blood

My blood
My good red warm sticky blood
Heating my body
Nourishing my memories
Fueling the Fire
That is my creativity
Now a golden river
Singing a gentle tune
No longer a rousing symphony
Just a deep soulful song
My blood
My good dark red blood
Source of wisdom growing
Held within my body
For She who calls my dreams
Held in sacred trust
For all who come after
Held in deepest praise
Of what it has created
Weaving the sacred mysteries
Into stories told
Round a glowing fire
Mirroring what is within
Flames of deepest passion
Heat of a knowing heart
My blood
My good red Crone blood
My pulsing deep dark blood
When you pulse no more
I will be in Flight

Anique Radiant Heart
Summer 2013


These are interesting times.

When I was a girl, 50 years ago, in the 50’/60’s, even talking about menstruation would bring severe consequences. This was a topic a “good girl” did not bring up at the family table or when sitting and playing with others. And because these “unspoken” rules were not talked about, you can be sure that most of us of my generation, made the terrible faux pas of talking about menstruation inappropriately, with the resultant retribution, thereby making menstruation something to fear.

For me, as for many, I “discovered” menstruation one day in the shower, as my unbelieving eyes saw the red blood dribbling down my legs and swirling down the drain hole. In complete terror and confusion, (I was 12 years old at the time) I ran naked into our living room screaming to my mother that I was dying.

Well of course I did not die, although something precious did die that day, my trust of my mother. Sound familiar?

The fact that I bled and did not die, only began to be meaningful to me when I began to study the Ancient Goddess Religion. I remember so clearly the day She first manifested into my life. I was at a Conference in Melbourne, it was a women and addiction conference. I was going through a period when I wanted to understand what all this talk about addiction was. I had recently come into the feminist movement, from a very sheltered time as a straight lady living on the upper north shore of Sydney. I was 28, newly separated from my husband and keen to understand what my new feminist friends were so passionate about.

One offering on the program stood out for me – “The Goddess and Addiction”….. I remember the hair on the back of my neck bristling as I read the title. Now , with almost 40 years of experiencing that same feeling, I know that it means She is speaking to me. But back then, I just knew I had to go to that talk. To cut a long story short, the speaker very eloquently explained that in her opinion, the separation of women from our ancient, natural spiritual authority as Her embodiments in the world, was at the root of many of our addictions and inability to be truly happy. Wow!!!! OK!!!!! Amazing! Sounded good to me. She quoted several authors and I remembered two of them – Monica Sjoo and Marija Gimbutas.

I began to study. What a journey. What a topic, I could write for days. But basically, what many women and men had written about that Golden Age when women were respected and revered as Her embodiments, was that our ability to bleed and not die - month after month after month - was at the heart of our perceived divinity. Yes my sisters, we were seen as God/desses because of our Scared Blood.

In the earliest times of the Goddess Religion, Priestesses in the Temples would gather, as in a Red Tent, and sit on the sacred altars and bleed into the porous sandstone which was used especially for these altars. Today, with the science available to us, we can determine that the blood found on so called sacrificial altars is indeed human blood, and that it is female blood, AND that it was also menstrual blood. The taking of human life, especially female life would have been unthinkable in the early days of Goddess worship. Think about it, if your social/spiritual life depended upon the earthly Embodiment of your Deity, would you kill that Embodiment? I highly doubt it. It was only much later, when the patriarchal mindset of devaluing Life came into being, that animals began to be slaughtered in the name of vengeful gods.

So my sisters, our Sacred Blood has ancient, deep, spiritual meaning for us, if we choose to view it in that way. And as Maidens and Mothers, our blood is our gift back to the Life Force all around us.

As Maidens, our Sacred Blood can be our link to the Universal Energies, to the Moon and the Tides and all the wisdom that comes with understanding our Cycles and working with them as we lay down the foundations for the Evolution of our Souls.

As Mothers, our Sacred Blood gives us the energy to birth whatever is needed to be birthed – whether it be children or ideas, dreams, projects, art, whatever we need to birth. Birthing and being “outward” is the imperative, and we sing with our Sacred Blood as we experience our most fecund years. We build on the foundations laid down during our Maiden years and we give, give, give of ourselves because we must. There is nothing other to do – or so it seems.

And then come the Crone Times. Now our Sacred Blood no longer flows out of our body each Moontime. Instead, it is held within and dispersed throughout our being as the nectar of the Goddess. The gift of all our endeavours. There is a wisdom that begins to inform all our thoughts and actions. It is not the wisdom of the world around us, rather the wisdom that we chose to incarnate into this life with. Our personal Wisdom – our personal gift to the World. Finally, many things that hitherto had not made sense, now do. We no longer care what others think, our own counsel is the most powerful at last. The Sacred Blood sings us a very different song, one of passion for what is right in our understanding, and our sacred Blood fuels that passion to be expressed. Our creative juices – our Scared Blood – now spurs us on the create, create, create, because we must. Not for ourselves, but for the coming generations.

And the sweetest gift of all, is that the veils between the world we live in and the Otherworlds, or otherworldly places, becomes the thinnest they will ever be. We can freely interact with many dimensions, whilst being held in reality by our Sacred Blood. The Sacred Blood, held within, dissolves the illusions and the trappings of Earthly Life and we begin to glimpse our true purpose. Our sacred Blood moves slowly through our veins and we have time to see as well as hear its song to us.

Though the Overculture throws away the Crone, placing her on the scrapheap of Life because she can no longer bear children or be a sex object, the Goddess Religion reveres the Crone as the most valuable of valuable. The most beloved of beloved. The most treasured of being treasured. After all, she has walked the earth and has witnessed at least 3 generations of change. Her heart has been battered and bruised by the lessons of experience, yet she shines like a beacon of joy for all to enjoy, the twinkle in her eye a revelation for those who can see. She has birthed children and projects, served in many capacities and taken from those experiences the understanding that come from being involved in life, and so her compassion is well honed. She likes to sit in the background and mostly likes to be quiet. Yet when her passion is roused, she is a formidable force to be reckoned with.

The Sacred Blood now rests in a Golden Chalice. Ready to be reborn, it sings its final songs, for she whose ears can hear it.

Hail the Scared Blood,
Hail the Sacred Woman,
Hail She who is All Life.

Anique Radiant Heart
Summer 2013

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At age 66, for 36years, Anique Radiant Heart has dedicated her life and her talents to assisting women and girls to awaken the great Feminine Divine within them.  Gifted with a miraculous voice and the ability to open people’s hearts with her singing and teaching, she has facilitated Goddess mystery workshops/events, celebrating the Goddess through ritual and song in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, Singapore, Hungary, Holland, Spain, Crete, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, Bangkok, Australia and New Zealand. This year she adds Austria and South Africa to the list.

A keen scholar, author, singer/songwriter, artist and political activist, Anique’s love for the Earth, women and the Feminine Divine she lovingly calls the Goddess, has been the motivating force behind her extraordinary music and the work she does in the world.

In 1989, Anique founded “INVOKING THE GODDESS” and created the first web site in Australia solely celebrating the Goddess and the ancient  religion of the Goddess. From 1996 till 2002,  she organised an annual Goddess festival in rural NSW and published a newsletter which was mailed out free of charge to over 500  subscribers.  In 2005,  with the help of donations from Goddess worshippers all over the world, Anique founded the Australian Goddess Temple on her land.

At the 2007 Australian Goddess Conference, Anique was honoured as Foremother and Elder of the Goddess Community in Australia.  Her work as a spiritual teacher,  ceremonialist and sacred singer has grounded many in the love and reverence of the Goddess.

In 2012, on her 65th birthday, Anique was initiated into the Circle of Grandmothers of the Global Goddess Community,  an organisation which was her vision and inspiration. And this year, 2013, Anique was recognised by "SAGE WOMAN" premier international Goddess Magazine as a Wisdom Keeper of the Global Goddess Spirituality Movement.

This year, she begins to train 10 Priestesses through a 3 year Priestess of the Global Goddess Training Journey.  The culmination of this training will begin a global incentive to train Priestesses in a common "way" thereby eliminating the concerns and limitations of conflicts which arise when many gather from different places to celebrate She who is All.

For the last 15 years,  Anique has toured the world sharing  her CD ‘s “LIVING THE GODDESS”,  “INVOKING” and “EMBRACING THE GODDESS” and “KUAN YIN LIGHT OF COMPASSION”. In 2012, she launched her new CD “PRIESTESS” at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. She is now working on a double album of chants to celebrate the 16 Goddesses of her Priestesses of the Global Goddess Training Wheel.

Anique is a popular and loved presenter and brings with her a unique style of teaching and sacred singing. She lives in the country in Australia with her life partner Deborah and two feline familiars and two canines.  Her art and her garden complement her music and teaching and provide the serenity of a balanced and grounded heart.

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  • Lizann Bassham
    Lizann Bassham Tuesday, 17 September 2013

    Thank you. I am loving the croning process and appreciate your wise words on the deepening of our blood at this time in life.

  • Paola Suarez
    Paola Suarez Friday, 20 September 2013

    Thank you so much dearest sister Anique! I loved your poem and can imagine you singing it. I can relate to your menstruation story even though I bleed for the first time in the 1990s. Sadly the decades haven't vastly improved the culture of fear around our blood. I love how you point out that the blood sacrifices first came as they should come...from willingly given menstrual blood! No need to kill a living being as sacrifice until the patriarchal rule shifted it all. I will be rereading your post and look forward to more from you. Many blessings! :)

  • Paola Suarez
    Paola Suarez Friday, 27 September 2013

    I posted a quote from your blog post Anique on my FB page and linked back to this page. I'm still in awe of what you have shared and processing it all. Thank you again!

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