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The House that Speaks

Do you believe that homes (houses and apartments) speak to their occupants? 

I do.


Because my house has always talked to me.

I'm not sure exactly when it started, maybe it had all my life no matter where I lived.

I remember the house I lived in for the first 10 years of my life, we lived in a one-stop-light town. Yes, seriously, it was that small. Everyone knew everyone and knew their business. It was nice to be able to walk a few blocks and not have to worry about anyone around you.

That house was old. It had a grumpy spirit that hid in the darkness of the crawl spaces. Even my mom, who is not gifted in sensing these things - at least she doesn't acknowledge that she senses anything, was afraid of these dark spaces. But this house opened up my world to the other side. I only know of young spirits that would come visit. I would be escorted out of my dreams into a world fit for kids. I would play with them and felt sad that they were not able to live in my world. Even for as young as I was, I knew that they had passed away. I never spoke of this with my parents. It was my little escape world.

Then when we moved, I was in 5th grade. The house we moved to wasn't very comfortable to me. I mean, it was ok, but I lost the young souls. They never came back to me. Their "home" was at the old house. This new house talked, but nothing made sense. It was comfortable enough to live in, I just felt lonely. 

One night it showed me the future, what it showed me was that my dad's mother passed away, then my mom's mother, then my dad shortly thereafter. I woke, crying. Three years later, my dad's mom passed, then five years after that my mom's mom, and two months after, my dad. 

I'm not saying that the house told me this, but it helped to give me the space to have these visions and receive these messages. For the longest time it seemed to block anyone contacting me. I learned later that it is possible to place "walls" to guard against such energy coming into a space. I believe that the family that lived there before us put these walls up unintentionally. They were good walls and they stuck pretty well. I still have a hard time in that house. I will not create my space there for it is no longer my space to create. My mom, brother and sister call it home more so than I do/have.

I moved away and lived in an apartment with other girls for a couple years. Once I lived in my own apartment, I started to hear the house again. I rented a basement apartment in an old house that was split into three apartments. Although my space was the basement, it had a porch and big windows that let a lot of light in. I loved it. It was my space and my space only. That's where I learned to set up walls, my walls.  This apartment hugged me. I felt the oldness of it and respected it. I could feel it give me space and protection to let me be comfortable to be alone, to be poor, to be me without judgement.

It had been a long time since I've felt so comfortable. 

Then, after a couple years, I made the mistake of getting married to the wrong man for the wrong reasons and moved into a new construction town house. This felt like a clean slate for me, no past memories in this house. The only area that I had a feeling of past memories is the storm water management pond in the back of our house. Something happened there, something not so good. It constantly made me sad. My ex would want to walk our dog around the pond, but I just couldn't. Looking back, I'm thinking that there was more to those feelings than I knew. I believe that they reflected his internal thoughts about me and our relationship. 

That house never felt like home, I always felt as though it was only a stopping point. I lived there for five years.

While going through the separation, I met my now husband. The first time I went to his house for dinner, I had placed my hand on the side of the house as we walked into the kitchen door. This house was made out of brick. Why do I tell you this? I believe what the home is made out of can hold different energies. As I touched it, it flashed me a vision of my future, showing me that I would be sitting in the living room in a glider rocker holding a baby boy. 

Now, I have never been in his house and had no idea what the interior looked like. As we walked in, he took me through the kitchen, then through the dining room and into the living room, and there along the wall was the glider rocker I had just seen in my vision. This house just felt like home and I moved in six short weeks later.

Twenty three years that house has been in my life. I have called it home for nearly half of my life. But there was one other house that called our names, and by "our" I mean me, my husband and our kids. That would be the house that we live in now. 

My cousin was going to sell my dad's mom's house and the attachment my soul had to it was too strong. My husband agreed to buy it and we used it as a vacation home for a time, then decided to move there to slow our life down. Now we use the first house we lived in together as a vacation home. We are too attached to both homes and will find it hard to make a decision to completely leave either of them. 

We had rented out the brick home for a few years and after the renters left and we went down for the first weekend in our full possession, the house seemed to sigh and was happy that we were back. Makes me not want to rent ever again.

The house we are currently living in has always talked to me. It showed me the fae and the elementals as well as many spirits, all while protecting me and keeping me secure. My kids now tell me of how it speaks to them. 

I believe that these spaces that we call home create a barrier of energy that we can either use or ignore. For those who are sensitive and open, they will listen to the house and use it's energy. Others, those who are not open minded and watch for energies, will go on thinking and feeling that it's just a home and be content.

Take a moment and sit in your home, sit on it's floors, let it "hold" you and close your eyes. What do you hear? What do you see? What do you sense?

Blessed be

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I am a wife and mother of three children, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Belly Dance Instructor as well as a very curious creature.


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