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Of Cells and Spirit

Recently I had a lengthy discussion with my daughter about cellular memory. If you are not familiar with cellular memory, it is theorized that cells have specific memories and these memories are passed on should a person pass away and their organs donated.

The receiver of these organs may start to have memories from a place or event that they are not familiar with, as well, it is possible that they may have emotions over certain circumstances or during certain events that they have never before experienced.  It is believed that these memories and emotions come from the previous owner of the donated organs.

I find this very interesting. Especially as organ transplants continue to be perfected and become more frequent.

And when I mull these ideas around my mind, as a healer if I should treat someone who has had an organ transplant, I must wonder if I would be able to pick up on the cellular memory within that organ. I also begin to wonder if that could be part of my mixed readings on a few individuals that I have received empathic readings on.

I also wonder if donated blood carries cellular memories as well.  It would only make sense as the blood is produced by an individual and carried their cells.  The implications of this could answer many questions. How long would the cellular memory last through a blood transfusion? Would it last for years or months?

The same can be queried about a donated organ. How long would the cellular memory last? Would the receiver’s cells slowly take over and rewrite the memory as the person lived?

Should I also throw in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s study on water crystals and the power of thoughts and words on these donated cells? Would this carry over into the recipient’s memory or in their emotions?

But let’s not forget genetic cellular memory. These are the memories of the cells that are used in the creation of the new individual.  The egg and the sperm would retain memories from each donor.  This would aid in why someone would like certain foods, regions that they desire to live, specific interests in hobbies or extracurricular activities.  For example, if both parents are from a colder climated ancestry, the chances of that offspring feeling more comfortable living in a northern environment may be greater.  Again, all theory, but plausible.

As we begin to intermix as couples, these ancestry tenancies tend to diminish and one may feel comfortable living in one region during one part of their life but then change during another time.  This could be due to specific organs maturing or becoming more dominant (if the organs and ancestral cells within those organs were ones controlling a person’s desires – as well theorizing that just as hair color or eye color are dependent on what is more dominant from which parent, the same may be true for our organs).

This all then leads me to spiritual memory. As I was taught that the spirit retains memory as it is born into another body. As we age though, that memory diminishes through learned experience and as our parents explain away any memories that would come to the surface.

But for a few who are able to periodically remember and retain their spirit memory, this mixed with the cellular memory must really be something to experience. Would that individual be able to differentiate between what was cellular, genetically cellular or spirit.

As a healer, would I be able to refine my abilities to pick up on these memories?  When we are healing, are we healing the physical, the spirit or the memories? 

Could this answer why some individuals feel so perplexed about their life, why they are so unsure of who they are, and at times just feel as though they don’t belong in the place that they are living?


All these make us who we are as individuals. We are not always able to pinpoint our spirit memories but if we are able to research and track our ancestors as well as if we were to receive a donated organ or blood, research where they came from, we may be able to answer some of the questions that we have about our personal life.  It may just help us to understand the beautifully complexity of who we are. 

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