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Feeling My Runes

I’ve been spending a lot of alone time lately since my work has decided to send me to training an hour and a half away from home.  I’m staying there through the week to save on the travel time and gas money.  Lacking the responsibility of housework and kids, I felt myself starting to bounce off the walls a bit.  The small apartment that I am staying in doesn’t have a TV, nor a radio.  Sure, I can listen to Pandora on my phone, as well as search YouTube for songs and videos.  Then there is my laptop.  I can stream and search using the wifi that is connected to my work’s system.  But, I needed to be careful as they review sites that people go on.  That limits my searching and researching ability.


The first week was a bit tough.  I was glad to be home for that first weekend.  I made sure to grab a couple DVD’s and a couple books.  I was going to be better prepared for the next week.

The second week was a bit better, although they told me that since I had my laptop, then there would be a couple training videos they wanted me to watch.  “Oh, sure,” I started thinking, “take what free time I have and turn it into more work since I’m trapped here.”  I didn’t want to feel cynical, yet part of me did.

I went back to my little ‘home’ and made dinner, popped in one of the training DVDs and was prompted to download a program to watch it with.  Hmpf, well, my laptop doesn’t have a lot of memory on it – I gave up some memory space for a faster core, and I was now thankful.  I shall watch the DVDs at work.  I felt a small pang of a win.  I found Netflix, and it seemed that my kids weren’t using it much so I was able to watch one of my favorite TV series, ‘Bones’. 

I sat there one evening, eating my dinner all alone in a quiet space, thinking to myself (since I rarely talk out loud to myself) “I needed more of ‘my’ stuff here to make it feel more comfortable  I was going to be here for another ten weeks, better make the best of it.

Home for that second weekend was wonderful.  And as I acted like a squirrel placing all my precious belongings on my bed to be bagged and brought down, I stood back.  Oh, there was way too many items on that bed to possibly bring with me.  I felt as though I was moving out. 

Sadly I replaced items like binders, books, crystals, fairy statues, and a kid now and again – depending on which one was on the bed exploring through my treasures.  I had to look at the bigger picture and micromanage it.  First were my binders of information.  Realistically was I really going to be able to sit and sift through old binders of research that I haven’t touched in years?  No.  But I did have most of the information saved on my computer.  Solution – flash drive!  Second were my books, some I could get online, a couple I succeeded in doing so, but again, kept it to a minimum since I know I’m not going to have a lot of reading time.  Third, crystals.  Ok, so I really don’t need the huge quartz crystal point, a small one will work just as well.  I grabbed a few that would fit well into a flat bowl-like shell and called it complete.  Fairy statues, eh, they stayed, I took Hank, my red stuffed dragon.  Then kids, they had to stay.  I don’t think their school would approve of them coming with me.

It felt better that next week.  The kids and I talked using FaceTime, I had some of my treasures to make my space homey.  Plus I was slowly working into a routine.  I had papers to grade before dinner, during dinner I watched more ‘Bones’.  A FaceTime chat now and again with my family back home.  At night I’d read a little out of my notes, and found that some of them needed organizing.  Then a DVD before falling asleep and saying my good nights to my loved ones.

The fourth week I remembered something really exciting!  I had a bag of runes in my purse.  They were in a black velvet bag tucked way down in under my EMF detector, small full-spectrum camera (one never knows when a good ghost hunt will pop up) and my red suede bag of crystals – a bag that I have carried for nearly 30 years.  This red bag has become invisible in a way, yet if it is not with me when I travel, I feel naked.  They are my lucky rocks, they ensure my safe travels and that I am protected.  Since carrying them, I have been to Florida several times SCUBA diving, another time on a vacation to Disney, to and from Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania more times than I would ever want to admit.

Digging down, and cussing myself out for carrying around such a large purse with so much in it, I found them!  I had ordered them six months ago, had looked at them, then put them in their black velvet bag and put them with my red bag in my purse.  Forgotten, yet not.  There to protect me.

I spilled them out on my bed and watched as the creamy moonstones glittered and shone in the light.  Oh, they were so pretty!

I picked up each one and held it, turning it over and over in my hand.  Examining the iridescent qualities they had.  I loved moonstone, any moonstone, as I am a Cancer, child of the moon.

I let them sit out on my bed that evening.  I searched my notes for anything I had on runes.  There was a little bit – I copied over the wrong material for rune research.  But I had a book on healing with runes.  This would be a bit helpful. 

It has been years since I’ve studied the runes.  I guess when I bought them, I was thinking that I needed to renew my studies. 

I went out, ate dinner, cleaned up and put away my work.  I went back in to the runes, just sitting there full of anticipation on my bed.  I sat down next to them and put on some soft Gaelic music and meditated.  After about ten minutes I scooped up the runes and held them in my hand, cupped and put together as if I were holding a ball.  I placed this to my forehead.  The energy I felt was amazing.  It has been a long time since I’ve been able to sit and work like this.  They pulsated and the energy vibrated onto my third eye.  I could see a light shining through my third eye.  They were speaking to me.

After all this time of having them, tucked away, they had so much they wanted to teach me.  And so I began, I asked my question and pulled three runes.

Now, not remembering what each rune stood for, I used my book and what little notes I had.  The answer was not obvious, but with some understanding and reflection, it was dead on.  My tarot readings have always been very accurate, I have always wanted to read the runes.  Here I was, reading and working with them, finally.

This week, I have decided to study one rune at a time.  I will pull the rune tonight, having full faith that it will be the one that I need to learn.  I have trust in them now, after reading with them last week.  They know my thoughts, they know my energy, and I am learning theirs.



Side note, my first rune is very befitting as the first to be pulled, Perthro.

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