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Energy Work

Sometimes you don't realize the power that energy carries.  I have been teaching my girls about energy, you know, how everything around us has a type of energy attached to it.  It's almost funny watching them as they discover this and the thought process clicks and they realize that there are reasons why they feel the way they do about things around them.

We talk about residual energy and how every person and thing that comes into our house leaves an energetic imprint of some sort.  As well, our emotions leave imprints of energy.  I explained that this is why we need to cleanse the house of energy as well when we vacuum, dust, and clean the house in the normal way that most people think about cleaning houses.  Intention plays a large part in this cleaning.  Most people who do not do energy work can still clear the energy out of their house through simple cleaning, as it is their intention to clean and make their space feel clean, feel fresher, feel better.  They seem to watch, pay attention as things change around them and us.  They are mindful of the people we meet and who come to visit.

Over the last few weeks we have moved a lot of energy.  We have cleared out some old clothes - many many bags - that were just taking up space in our basement.  Clothes from when the kids were very small and when I was much younger.  These held on to old stale energy that needed to be cleared out of here.  I felt an immediate change in the house.  

This house is old, it has had a long history with my family, and there is energy here that I intend to keep.  Teaching the girls how to decipher is the hard part right now.  We work on the simpler things.  Things like watching how they speak to each other, how they help, the emotions they feel, and that when there is a problem or they feel something that seems "off" they come and talk to my husband or I immediately.

We moved our old couch up into the girls' room for their TV area.  We didn't really want to get rid of it, it held so many memories and good energy.  So I was happy that it was able to fit.  We have been going through the stores looking for the perfect replacement.  For weeks we shopped, took pictures, sat on, and measured.  One of the couches that we first looked at stuck with us.  I'm not sure if we brought it's energy back here and imprinted it here, or if we left our energy on it at the store.  Now I know that it wasn't the same exact couch, but the material that it is made out of and it's shape carries the same feeling.  We bought this couch and my husband and son brought it into the house.  It fits perfect.  It feels as though it was meant to be here.

Sometimes things feel stagnant and these items want to be moved, so you feel the need to move them, change their energy, change their space.  We don't always understand it, and we don't always know that there is a reason behind these little changes that we make around us.  I've been paying attention to this lately.

Even sounds leave imprints.  We have decided to watch certain shows and avoid others.  The political arena right now is not welcomed in our home.  Likewise, we listen to music that calms and keeps this space feeling gentle.  The kids realize this and are working to keep this moving.

But my most exciting part of energy work is yet to come, later today, I will be meeting with a local Native American Shaman and we will be rediscovering an Indian landmark that is hidden up behind my house.  He is going to take measurements and record this site for himself.  My husband and I walked to it yesterday to be sure we could find it again.  I have been trying for years to get someone to come and record it, and I have met the right person at the right time.  After all these years of speaking with the spirits of the forest and asking for their protection over this site.  As my husband and I walk through trying to find it again, I was scared that it was again lost and deeply hidden.  I stood and watched and he searched and I spoke again to the spirits of the forest, explaining to them that an ancestor was going to come and record it's site, to keep it in their memories.  I felt the energy change.  We located it, buried under a huge amount of blackberries.

I feel the excitement today, in anticipation of the visitor....I shall update later.

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