It was during the Worldwide Meditation of April 4th/5th, 2020, that I was visualizing the White Light pillar coming down from Creator to gobble up confusion, fear and fight the current panic around the virus on Earth, when suddenly, out of the White cloud, came a Dark Blue cloud. Then to my surprise out of the Blue Cloud, came a huge swarm of Bees. As I watched in my meditative state, I saw them being sent around the Earth. How amazing, I thought, feeling what a perfect negative energy killing, bees can have on Earth.

The next morning I wrote an email to my friends, clients and students about my Vision, and how I felt that the Earth had gone through a transformation, had changed for the better. 

Following is a letter my friend Usha sent me shortly after I sent out my email:

Namaste, Agnes. Thank you for sending your vision, it is very interesting to me. As you might know my spiritual practice includes chanting Sanskrit scripture. There is a very well known, very ancient scripture (600 CE) about the Divine Mother that is called "The Devi Mahatmya." It describes the fight by the Divine Mother, Durga, against what could be summarized as unrighteousness or evil.

From the 11th chapter, here are the last verses in English:

V49 - Then I shall be famed on earth as She who nourishes with vegetables. Also at that time I shall slay the great thought, "Impossible."
V50-51- Then my name shall become renowned as Durga; She who removes difficulties. Again I shall present a fearful form to protect the people of wisdom, and I will eat confusions, whereupon all those who are wise will sing my praise, bowing to my manifested image.
V52 - When perplexity will create great oppression's in the three worlds, then my name will become famous as the goddess of fearful form.
V53 - Then I shall take the form of innumerable bees with six legs and for the benefit of the three worlds. I shall slay that great thought, "Impossible."
V54 - Then everywhere people will offer me praise as She who has a bee-like nature, thus whenever oppression arise from confused thought, I shall manifest to destroy the foes.   
There are reports that the Global meditation coincided with a spike in Earth's geomagnetic field as well, and to it's highest ever, at 76 hertz on the Schumann Resonance. The spike was recorded by a Russian Space 
Observing System website. Has the meditation of a collective of millions of people created an effect to our Earths geomagnetic field? Yes indeed, I feel so. The magnetic field, I've felt, has always affected me.
We are the Earth, She is us.
 -Agnes Toews-Andrews