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Glean knowledge from Agnes, an Activator and Wise Elder’s personal experiences on the subjects of ceremony, community, rituals, new moon, focusing, mind body alignments, sacred sexuality, co-creative gardening, healing with hands-on, toning, Goddess & God, Spirit Grandmothers and Grandfathers of Time, initiations to enlightenment, pre-history, and much more.

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An Ancient Reptilian Massacre, Continued

A Reptilian Massacre Continued:

Because these six higher dimensional women knew the science of transferring consciousness, they transferred their spirit, their essence into their 13 trained priestesses, as they were massacred. So that it would not be lost (the knowledge that they, the six, carried).


I see men carrying a box and it is the Reptilians, the ones who massacred the wise women priestesses. There are others, male beings, there. These beings have gathered all the remains of the priestesses. They burn what they can and throw it all into the deepest part of the ocean, so that the people would forget them and not even have access to their things, their bones, so as not having any ‘relics’ to remember them by. The plan was to erase memory of them completely from the minds of the next generations.

I see again a large black stone. Broken into 13 pieces. (I also saw this stone in the first message). These contain the records of these times. It seems that this may be the original crystal skulls story; this may be what is behind them. As is, there were and are many versions of the crystal skulls stories and this is one of them.

Now I see a pregnant woman with a bow. It is her, the one who escaped. She is very very strong. She knows all the plants of the Earth by heart. She is a specialist in the botany of different planets also. I am not sure why she is there, alone in the mountains. Maybe to protect herself.

At this point in time the Earth is starting to have different temperatures, and different seasons. Part of the reason for this is the split between the star men and the star women. The 14 priests and priestesses, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, because of their leaving the Earth. The women, priestess’s spirits and knowledge went into the Earth and the men’s spirit into the higher dimensions.

I now see a baby being born. They never find the escaped one. In fact there are two babies being born, she gives birth to two babies. The escaped one gives birth to twins. A boy and a girl. The Adam and Eve stories are a deformation of this story. It is her, the escaped ones twins and these twins are carrying on the bloodline of the Reptilians and Earthlings. She had mated with a humano-reptilian hybrid. The first one created by the Reptilian invaders.

But these babies were the first born from a woman, even though it was a ‘star woman’; they were the first Reptilian humano-hybrids to be born on Earth from a female body. This is why we are all related, because we all go back to that ‘first woman’, that first mother.

Do not forget that these hybrid babies were the first of the Reptilian-starseed-human lineage and it was easy for them to reproduce. They had many children these two first hybrids. Their first offspring were seven girls. This is where the stories of the “Mothers of the Races” began. This is way before the Sumerian texts.

The Sumerian stories of the seven wombs, or birth givers came after these seven girls were born. The story of the seven born of the first twins and the 13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time predates the Sumerian texts.

I cannot get her name, the one who escaped. Her name was erased from the akashic records, archives, and from the memory of humans. She is the nameless one. 

So the original mother carries many names. The people gave her many names. She was dark; a black skinned or dark skinned one and maybe from Sirius. (I intuit she was copper skinned like the Mayans or South American natives and I intuit that she was from the Pleiades. The Pleiadians are of a white skin color and a dark skin color. I also intuit that the story of Copperwoman in Anne Cameron’s book, Daughters of Copperwoman is a reference to the same woman).

She did something or something was done when the twins were born. I do not know by whom or in which dimension, but an intention or something like this was made that when the age of patriarchy on Earth would approach its closing the descendants of the first twins would remember their origins.

That woman did not die. After the children were raised she returned to her home star from where she had come.

This mating with the hybrid Reptilian one was not part of Creators plan. It seems that she was raped, drugged or tricked somehow, and that the one who did this ‘let her escape’. But of this part I was not 100 percent clear.

At the same time they, the six that were massacred, transferred a message to the 13 priestesses that were under their training to lay down in a cave in order to receive their spirit transmissions, which were evenly distributed into 13 parts. The message was that after this transfer, they were to escape into the center of the Earth for a time, where they were to preserve this knowledge. Only these priestesses knew where the entry or door to the inner Earth was.

The priestesses carried a sacred object, a large black stone brought back from the center of the Earth. They could travel forth freely to the center of the Earth.

Before leaving to escape into the center of the Earth, the priestesses did a ceremony dividing the stone into 13 pieces and they teleported these pieces to certain areas on Earth. Considering the Earth changes envisioned over the course of Earths future history, the 13 stones were programmed to be found at the right locations, to be found by the descendants of the one who escaped. (I. Agnes found a piece of one of these black stones in 2011, in the Pacific Ocean, not far from Maryelle Isle in the Seymour Narrows, British Columbia. Other clairvoyants have also held this stone and read its program to be pre-Lemurian).- An excerpt from "The Goddess Lives, poetry, prose and prayers in her honour," by Agnes Toews-Andrews. Available from

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National best-selling author, Advanced Reiki Master, Fire Priestess, Conference Speaker, Metaphysician Master, Agnes Toews-Andrews, has been researching the Goddess, the paranormal and metaphysical at home in Canada and at sacred sites around the world since 1987. It was while working with energy/Reiki that her clairsentient and clairaudient abilities began to awaken. A world traveler, she is the author of 8 non-fiction spiritual books and 1 book of paranormal fiction. At home in the question mark, Agnes has known since the age of 14 while watching a sunset in rural British Columbia that she was to be an 'Activator' of humanity and in 1989 made a commitment to be a Lightworker. Also a co-creative Devic gardner, macrobiotic consultant, she is the proud mother of two amazing kids and grandmother of five even more amazing grand kids. She currently resides in the Selkirk Mountains in the West Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada.  


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