You are more than you think. Feel your feet on the earth, feel earth as a living being, and allow the strength that comes from that.

There is this strength in you that is natural, aligned, and beautiful. It is filled with your life energy. Every moment comes from the whole of who are, in connection with the bigger whole. It is true to everything there is. It starts, with becoming true to the connection that is right here, right now: your connection to Earth. Life energy is generated in connection with earth. This is what makes plants grow. Allow this felt connection with earth, and allow your movements to come from this place.  Like the plant being strong because of the life saps running through her, so you become strong with this life energy. Allow it to fill you all the way. This is you, in your full potential. Live it, honor it, celebrate it. Share it today.

Remember, as you step into your full potential, you give others permission to step into theirs. Together, we can shift mountains.