We are so fascinated by challenges, because we keep avoiding the real challenge: to become fully present now. here. To Earth, to you, to the infinite possibilities. Jump.


Honor your longing to live this life more fully. This time, jump- but not the bungee jump. Take the challenge, but not the will-driven one. The deeper challenge is to become fully present to Earth as she is, as you are. That's where mind blowing magis kicks in. Our relationships cannot be kept alive by going from one challenge to the next. It’s about allowing the infinite challenge in every moment to come to your awareness. We’re starving for challenge- and actually, everything is here, now. Including the challenge. The real challenge is to become fully present to the moment.

It asks more of you than any bungee jump, any will powered challenge.  Why? Because it isn't adrenalized. It doesn't bypass the fear. It asks total surrender, total presence, and you taking the reins and giving the reins, both. The most beautiful thing is, you can start right now, right here.