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Inspirational women

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. My uncle died in his home right before Christmas of a sudden heart attack. And then I came down with the same plague that has been effecting everyone I know. Here in Missouri we've had the oddest weather. yesterday it was 60 degrees and people were out in their shirt sleeves. Last night yet another round of the polar cold came through and today I'm sitting here typing with finger-less gloves on, and extra long sleeved sweater and a portable heater near my feet as we awoke to 11 degrees.  Around Christmas and New Year's we were locked in with heavy snowfalls as well and this offered a time to reflect and make plans for the upcoming year.

   One of my newest projects is writing my first horror novel called The Haunting of Booger County. My paranormal team ParaNatural Research Association plan to make an indie horror movie out of this project. The story is loosely based on an on-going investigation we have at a private location where a suspected serial killer lived a few years back. The woman thought to be his last victim was never found.b2ap3_thumbnail_haunting-of-booger-county-orange-moon-grunge-eye-2.jpg

Interestingly enough as I began to plot the story it revolved more around a man seeking to find answers to the haunting on the property. The tale was to center around this man and what happened to him, it still does. However the female characters I have in the novel have become larger, and figure more predominantly in the story. In fact the story couldn't happen without them. The females originally had been secondary characters and now have taken front row. This is a good thing. Most of them display very strong characteristics and some who are the intended victims for the killer show quick wit and a great resolve and actually escape. Yes there are some who don't, not all can be so fortunate and fiction, as in real life, has its victims.

   But just as women in real life are making their mark in the world of movie making as directors, screenwriters and actresses--especially in the horror field, I've come to find out, which is male dominated-- so have my main women characters taken over in the novel and have become a force to be reckoned with. I'm proud of my female characters and many are based on ladies I'm proud to call friends in real life. I not only have the would-be victims that fight back and escape but those in law enforcement who defend the male lead from the ancient horrors lurking on the property and the female who may, or may not be responsible for some of the evil activities happening in the story and who may or may not be trying to stop what's been happening there.

   As I've been checking into women in the horror field I've come across some phenomenal women on Facebook--Patricia Chica Filmmaker--has won awards in the past few weeks for her movies and as a female director. Her films are worth finding Ceramic Tango won awards at Shockfest and the Macabre Faire film fest.

 tWIStED tWINS PRODUCtIONS--is run by identical twins, Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska (Soska Twins) who have won awards for writing, acting and directing horror movies. They are best known for the movies Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary.

All are independent produced, and not products of Hollywood but gaining huge followings across North America and Canada where both Patricia and the twins are from.There's even  a month of recognition for women who are active in the field of horror--

I admire these ladies for what they're doing, not so much that it's in the field of horror which I've found myself not tackling, but for what they've accomplished in a field heavily owned by men. Much like women who make their way in sports, or the military, these women are on the forefront of gaining acceptance for what a female can do regardless of her gender but based on her talent, knowledge, ability and wiliness to work hard.

   A friend of mine--Maharet Christina Hughes--owner of GraphicVibeLA  (image of Maharet as she looks today)b2ap3_thumbnail_Maharet.jpg    has gone through a mentally and emotionally devastating divorce and come out on top. Although she still gets bouts of loneliness and depression over the life she once had, she is moving onward and upward. During her marriage she lived in a small town here in Missouri with a small town attitude towards her as a belly dancer. This affected her business as a photographer and professional capable of anything from printing business cards to designing books (which she has) for another strong lady I admire--Princess Farhana--a belly dancer extraordinaire who has made several teaching videos, written books, appeared in movies and danced worldwide. The cover photo is of her latest book, photography by Maharet.

  Chris, who goes by the name Maharet as a dancer, made the move from small town Missouri to Hollywood CA where she is losing weight, getting her new business up and running, taking photos of dancers, musicians, actors, and is even writing her own book.(images below are of me and Maharet a few years ago, one at a dance performance and the other for the signing of my first book in which her pool hall was featured for its ghost story) She has blossomed even through her struggles and fought off the defeated feelings brought on by her divorce. All of these women I've listed have overcome the odds and are succeeding in their goals, both on a professional and personal level and both Maharet and Farhana are inspirations for a couple of the strong women in my novel.b2ap3_thumbnail_me-and-Maharet.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_me-and-Maharet-2.jpg

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Janice has written four books for History Press. She is an LMT, and certified Reiki Master and blends her skills in energy work/healing with her continuing study of aromatherapy, herbs, and crystals. a belly dancer and teacher with her own group called Ragdoll Brigade. Active in the paranomal field she works with mediumship, dowsing and intensive historical research with her team, the ParaNatural Research Association. Janice gives lectures across Missouri on the paranormal and the historical significance of haunted locations in the state and has given several radio and TV interviews on the subject of ghosts and hauntings. Janice is a staff writer for the upcoming Paranormal Investigator Magazine. You can find her at or on Facebook


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