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There is no such thing as just a deck of cards. Each deck has a special energy or story to tell. They have a very distinct purpose and tend to be heavily imprinted with the essence of their creators. This blog will explore both tarot and oracle decks and delve into their story, their purpose and how best you as a reader can utilize the gifts and abilities each deck has to offer.

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Wisdom Of the House Of Night In Review

Wisdom of the House of Night, Oracle deck by P.C. Cast and Colette Baron-Reid

* 50 card deck and guide book a.k.a little white book, published by potter style

* This deck is good for beginner to advanced.

* Nice thick gloss card stock. Can stick together out of the box but usually easy to shuffle.

This deck is designed as a companion product to P.C. Casts best selling series The House Of Night. That said you do not need to read the books to be able to use this deck, in fact you wont be hindered at all. The Little white book does a great job of bridging the gap between the book series and the purpose and wisdom of the deck itself. If however you have read the series and are a fan of the books then this deck will just deepen your connection to the characters and the wisdom of the Goddess Nyx.

By all accounts this is actually a goddess deck designed to tap into the divine knowledge of Nyx the Goddess of the night. Sure in this version she is a vampire, but the essence of the original goddess Nyx is pure and unmistakable. This is done very skillful with the assistance of deck goddess herself Colette Baron-Reid. Colette is the reason I purchased this deck in the first place. I knew nothing about the books or the characters but Colette had her name on the deck and I knew that meant it was going to be good.

I was not disappointed.

This deck has the power and beauty you would expect from an oracle deck with Colette Baron-Reid's name on it and the illustrations are done by the same artist who illustrated her last two decks The Enchanted Map Oracle and Wisdom of the Hidden Realms, Jena DellaGrottaglia. Like the two previous decks, Wisdom of the House Of Night is visually stunning and each card is a feast for the eyes and the imagination. Which makes this a great deck for those who like to journal. 

For me each deck creator has a signature, A visual code that lets the readers know they are not alone throughout their work with the cards. You will find both Jena's and Colette's coded signature in cards like the Grove, Wishing, Risk, Focus and Strength. They look very similar to other cards in the two decks I previously mentioned. Another reason you don't really need to have read the books to work unimpeded with this deck.

Obedience brings the power of the tarot into this deck as we see justice in this card. In one hand she carry’s the scales and in the other the sword all the while balancing blindfolded. This card could be used as a bridge card in your readings. Place this card in the middle of a three card spread and place your options on either side of it, then lay a card on top of each of the options and see which gives you the best possible result.

The little white book offers up basic instructions on how to use this deck for 1, 2 & 3 card readings and gives some great advice on how to ask general questions. But, I would like to offer up another option with this deck as I feel you can push this deck a little further then basic oracle reading. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just that this is a deck set up to tap into the power of the Goddess of the night, it is just begging to be taken beyond basic.

Although most oracle decks are not set up with the same structure as Tarot but this does not mean you cant create a system with them and this deck lends itself very nicely to being broken up. Once you have your deck divided it into three stacks or piles of cards. You want the characters and the house of night in one pile, you can find these cards easily as they are the only cards in the deck that have a bracketed name on them. There are 9 in total. Then take your High Priestess Cards and put them in their own pile. There are only 5 of them. Which means your last stack of cards is what is left.

Use your character cards as significators, here are some possible suggestions

  • For questions or readings around house and home, use the house as the significator.
  • For questions around work or further education use Kramisha as your significator
  • For questions around relationships use Kalona ( his black and white wings are evident of the contrast of the lovers in the tarot)
  • For questions around travel use Sgiach (the horse is controlled movement, freedom and travel)

OK I think you have the idea.

Once you have your significator card place it in the center or top of your reading.

Now take your High Priestess cards shuffle them the best you can and lay them face down. Select one of the cards and place it either right of your significator or below it. This card lets you know which of the elemental archetypes surrounds this issue, concern or question and offers you up some advice on how best to deal with the energy that surrounds your question. For example if you get air you might be over thinking things a little bit.

Your last step is to shuffle your remaining stack or pile of cards. Again laying them face down select just one card and place it either right of your High Priestess or underneath it. This is your action or non action card depending on which one you pulled.

Like any normal 3 card spread you want to read the cards as a sentence. Look through your little white book and write keywords for each of the 3 cards and then put them together in a sentence. Let me give you an example,

Lets say our question was around travel

  • card one would be Sgiach – Keywords :- gifts, confidence, right decision, towards your goal
  • card two was the High Priestess of Fire - keywords :- inspiration, creativity, shine brightly
  • card three is Beauty – keywords:- positive, look beyond appearances, mirror

My sentence could be something like this. My trip will shine a light on my goals and inspire me to move beyond where I thought I should go.


I know I have made the right decision and I am feeling positive about what this trip will create.

Got it?

Wisdom of the House Of Night is truly a magical deck, its only limits are the ones you personally create for it. Get your hands on a copy today and dive into the Dialogue with the Goddess Nyx.

PS. If you want to know more about the books and the community that is know as the H.O.N you can check out the website at

P.S.S. Did you find this review helpful? If so please leave a love note in the comments section as I love hearing how others are getting the most out of their decks. 

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