Her Sacred Roar: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth

With the world in crisis, with women disempowered and disenfranchised around the globe, including here in the United States, it is more vital than ever to find our own "sacred roar" and rebirth Her onto the world stage as deity, archetype and ideal. With our pink-handled machetes we blaze a trail forward toward a new normal!

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Tips for Thriving During a Trump Presidency

I know. I know.  It feels like a disaster.  I was wringing my hands too, only my hand-wringing was before the Democratic nomination.  It was devastating watching the electoral process and corporate media betray the American people and my hair was on fire before November 8th!  Since then and beyond, the fear-mongering on the Left is now rivaling the fear-mongering from the Right.  Most of my friends are angst-ridden and paralyzed, but let me make a few suggestions, especially if you’re a practitioner of energetics or magic, the Three-Fold Law or you believe we create our own reality with our thoughts.  You do not want to continue putting out fear and negativity.  You’re working against your own self-interest and that of the planet and everyone on it.  So take a breath and consider these tips:

First, create your own reality bubble.  Do not let negativity and fear penetrate.  Be like Teflon. What comes your way bounces off because what you take in is going to go back out.  So avoid the hand-wringers and stop watching corporate-owned media.  I haven’t watched MSNBC or Rachel Maddow since it was so apparent they had their own agenda and were following the orders of their corporate master, General Electric, who has not been paying taxes!  No wonder they marginalized Bernie Sanders!  They’re whipping people into a frenzy, dividing us, when it’s vital we create solidarity among people.

Second, channel this energy you’re expending and wasting into something productive.  There are so many causes out there that need you.  Environmentalism, voter rights, fighting Citizens United, Women’s rights, animal rights, immigrant rights.  Pick one and stick with it.  Make sure you’re passionate about it because change comes slowly and it will be a long slog.  Your passion will sustain in the process.    

Third, take responsibility for your own education.  So many people are becoming agitated over “what if” and nothing has happened yet.  Find a reliable news source and keep up with what’s going on so you are not one of these low-information voters being bounced like a ping-pong ball between media pundits who do not have your best interest in mind.  Don’t dwell on the negativity and fear on the news or watch it daily.  Things just don’t happen that quick to necessitate daily viewing.  Let this be in the periphery of your focus.  Don’t worry until there’s something to worry about.

Fourth, find a support group to help sustain you.  Not the hand-wringers, unless you’re feeling strong and you want to help talk these folks down off the ledge.  Surround yourself with others who are staying calm, being proactive, and putting together their action plan.   Create a telephone tree or email group to notify each other what’s going on and when action is needed.  Join NOW, Move-On, Our Revolution or groups who are keeping their finger on the pulse of what’s really going on.  Take care of yourself and those close to you.  Nurture yourself and the people in your core group.

You guessed it, step five is formulate an action plan.  Join an aforementioned telephone tree or email group – or create one!  When something horrendous is being considered or voted on, be ready to act.  Have phone and fax numbers, social media contact info of Congress at the ready and bombard them.  I vividly remember when former President George Bush was talking about privatizing Social Security, senior citizens and their advocates shut down the Congressional switchboard in a day and that talk stopped dead in its tracks.  Be ready to pounce, march, donate and volunteer.  And when you hear the Republicans are getting ready to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare to save it – KNOW that’s a pack of lies and begin your campaign! 

Finally, try to shift your attitude.  A Trump presidency might actually be a gift.  Yes, that’s right, I said a gift. Not that I think he will do much of anything for average people, but look at the people getting off their couches!  Look at the mobilization and action being planned.  This is not business as usual.  This is what a revolution looks like and that’s exactly what we need – a citizen’s revolution to make government work for the people and not just corporations. 

We hear from many wisdom corners these are the last gasps of the shadow Masculine, the Masculine-on-steroids, of predator capitalism or patriarchy, and this looming threat was a necessary wake up call for folks to dig deep, look within, and begin to take personal responsibility to create the world they want to live in.  We know we’re in the Age of Aquarius, we’re feeling the coming paradigm shift toward Feminine values of caring, sharing, partnership and justice.  Expect the dominators aren’t going to go down easy and hand us the new world.  They’re going to go out kicking and screaming.  We have to overwhelm them with our solidarity or in the case of the sheeple, help them evolve.

And while we’re shifting our attitude about Trump, shift it about his supporters.  Many of the people who voted for him just wanted to send a signal the Establishment was not working for them and they were right! They were fooled into thinking he wasn't going to be for the oligarchy.  He told them he'd create jobs and get better trade deals.  They’re voting kitchen-table economics and they all are not racists, sexist, nor do they hate immigrants.  They’re sick and tired of the Middle Class not having an advocate in government.  Both parties have presided over the largest growth of income inequality in our country’s history and they need their cages rattled. 

We have a choice to ride this out wailing, paralyzed or in white-knuckled fear or see this as an opportunity to make the world over.  Never before in my lifetime have so many people been so uncomfortable and that discomfort can translate into mass movements toward a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Let’s get to work!  Find your sacred roar and become a social justice activist!


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Karen Tate is a six-times-published author, sacred tour leader, ordained minister, social justice activist, national speaker and radio show host of the long-running Voices of the Sacred Feminine on Blog Talk Radio.  She was recently named one of the Top 13 Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality and can be seen in the award winning film produced by actress Sharon Stone and Wonderland Entertainment, Femme: Women Healing the World. Her book titles, latest to earliest include: Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to ReShape Our World, Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages and Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy, Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth, and Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations. For more information on Karen go to www.karentate.com or email her at karentate108@ca.rr.com


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