For the last decade I've been speaking about partnership as a value within Goddess spirituality or Sacred Feminine liberation thealogy, because I realized it could save the world.  Partnership within ourselves, with our friends and community, between employers and employees rather than the current exploitation found in predator capitalistic domination.  Partnership between countries to prevent war, and between humanity and Gaia to save all the species on the planet from mass extinction and prevent the continued and on-going rape of Mother Earth, in all its many forms.  I recently took an online course at Riane Eisler's Center for Partnership Studies called "The Power of Partnership" and it was a great refresher with new information inspiring me, and enhancing my ability to speak about the necessity and power of partnership in more specifics, but for me personally, two areas were most significant. 

First, I realized in my passion to teach the power of partnership I probably was not in good relationship with myself.  It was a reminder I have to put the oxygen mask on myself before I can for anyone else in order to keep teaching, caring and sharing.  It was also a reminder to tend my personal relationships and not neglect those closest to me or take them for granted.  I believe its been a wake up call to be more compassionate and make time for others in their daily struggles with the challenges of life - struggles that might not be so severe if there was partnership not domination built into our socio-economic structures, which brings me to the second point I focused on for the class - the lack of journalistic integrity as domination.

I don't know about you, but in my circles and spheres of influence, we've felt a paradigm shift was coming.  We genuinely feel we are living in that evolution or shift of consciousness as patriarchy takes its last gasps and we have been waiting and watching for signs that life for the coming generations would improve.  One of the new players on the scene reinforcing this idea hope was on the way was Senator Bernie Sanders getting into the presidential race and having the courage to go against the status quo, the Establishment, the strongmen, and be a champion of the people.  In jumping onboard that train toward the revolution, the lack of journalistic integrity in the corporate owned news media has taken on a new clarity and the danger of an unbiased and truly free press looms larger for more average people than ever before.  While we are making headway in the press about pay inequity for women, and there have even been some noises about the importance of acknowledging the unpaid emotional and domestic labor or women, those accomplishments seemed to pale when I witnessed the press stoke the flames of the reality television tendencies of Republicans while thwarting democracy in the race between the Democrats, Hillary and Bernie. 

I was not surprised to learn from a study done during the course of several months, Donald Trump, the reality television star, who was no doubt bringing in ratings to the networks, had been mentioned 187 thousand times in the media.  Hillary Clinton had been mentioned about 87 thousand times, while Bernie Sanders was mentioned an anemic 29 thousand times, with most of the comments marginalizing his campaign and distorting his policies, even attempting to convince viewers of his unelectability.   Fortunately for Sanders, those behind his campaign pay less attention to the actors disseminating the evening "news" - the tone of which is spun to benefit the conflict of interest of their employers. You see it's not that this was new.  I've just never seen the bias be so transparent and pervasive and I still believed there were still some honest dealers disseminating the news - like Rachel Maddow.  It has been painful and demoralizing to see some of the few "good guys" left out there become corporate tools, even Maddow.  

In conclusion, I'll just leave you with my final lamentations.  Imagine if the news media still upheld the public trust of having integrity in journalism to help inform a dumbed-down electorate.  We might actually discuss Michal Moore's new documentary, Where to Invade Next showing very clearly in an entertaining way what could happen to our quality of life if our tax dollars were used for the people instead of waging war and giving corporate welfare to companies that don't pay taxes. Or imagine if Entertainment Tonight might tell you how the new movie Truth documented the lack of journalistic integrity at CBS thereby affecting the outcome of the Bush-Kerry election leading to the continuation of the Iraq War that destabilized the Middle East. Or howTrumbo was a great refresher reminding us of the consequences of allowing ignorant bigots to have power over public discourse and policy.  At least portions of the film industry are trying to do their part.

I also imagine what might actually come into being if the press in this current presidential election cycle actually asked tough and informed questions with follow up. I imagine each candidate being handled with fairness and without bias. I imagine a news industry not owned by corporations with an investment in the outcome of the election that just gave the facts to their audience rather than thinly disguised attempts at manipulation. I imagine the service to the country the press would provide if they were free to expound on the incredible accomplishments of Bernie Sanders campaign and the era of partnership his policies might usher in rather than manipulate the masses into voting against their economic interests.