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Living in a sacred landscape, walking between the worlds in the veil of Avalon Glastonbury. Where the old gods roam the hills, and the sidhe dance beneath the moon...wander into the mists with me and let us see what we may find...

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Brighid blessing ritual

A lot will no doubt have already been said about the festival of Imbolc, and the goddess Brigit, but what is often overlooked is how many prayers, blessings and charms there are in our traditional lore to honour and work with her. 

At this time, a ritual 'saining' or blessing of yourself and your home is especially important and can bring a fresh, clearer energy into your psyche and your space.

Try this simple ritual to bless and cleanse yourself and your home.

Gather a bowl of fresh water- rain water or spring water ideally, or bottled spring water is fine.

When you are ready, place this on your altar, or your kitchen table- wherever you do spiritual work. Take three deep breaths to centre yourself, and draw a x shaped cross – a sun wheel, like the traditional Brigid’s cross design- upon the water’s surface with your finger, and announce ‘Bridie bless these waters’ three times, building your intention each time.

When you are ready, recite this traditional lustral prayer, from the Scottish Highlands, recorded in the Carmina Gadelica.

"I am bathing my face

In the mild rays of the sun,                                       

Sweetness be in my mouth

Wisdom be in my speech.

The hand of Brighid about my neck

The hand of Brighid about my breast

The hand of Brighid laving me

The hand of Brighid blessing and protecting me." 

Repeat this prayer over and over until you feel you have built some power in the words and in the water, and then gently touching the water, use it to lave your face- your brow your mouth your neck and your heart.

Use the water then to bless your home by sprinkling over the doors and windows, again marking them with the sun-wheel X. Pour the remainder back onto the land.

Imbolc blessings to you and yours!

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Danu Forest is a wisewoman in the Celtic Bean Feasa tradition of her Irish ancestors. You could call her many things- witch, seer, walker between the worlds, healer, druid, priestess, teacher, writer, gardener, herbwife, stargazer, faery friend, tree planter, poet, and wild woman. Danu lives in a cottage near Glastonbury Tor in the midst of the Avalon lakes, in the southwest of England. Exploring the Celtic mysteries for over 25 years, and noted for her quality research, practical experience, as well as her deep love of the land, Danu writes for numerous national and international magazines and is the author of several books including Wild Magic, The Druid Shaman, Celtic Tree Magic, Gwyn ap Nudd and The Magical Year'. She teaches regular workshops and online courses and is available for consultations, including healings readings and other ceremonies.


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