Celebrate your Pagan heart.


Everything and everyone has magic.


Fun is magic. We can change our lives and the world for the better through fun during ritual.


Of course, serious, difficult work is also required to create change, and sometimes tomfoolery during ritual is completely inappropriate. But, if we forsake the power of fun completely in our Pagan practices, we lose tremendous opportunities for transformation. Oppressors want us joyless lest we draw on fun’s profound ability to change our lives and our society. 


Fun is alchemy, able to flow deep into our cells and the universe, causing enormous, long-lasting improvements. 


I teach an ecstatic path. Ecstatic is a beautiful word. Fun is a beautiful word, too. For one thing, the word fun helps us avoid ecstatic paths that have devolved into pretentious behaviors and pompous rules. Pretentiousness and pomposity do not allow the ecstatic path to actually be ecstatic. Pretentiousness and pomposity restrict us and keep us from joy, and an ecstatic path should instead free us to pursue joy. 


I hope you can have fun with magic today.