Update: Both decks offered below have been claimed. But watch my own sites—their links are below—because I'll give the rest of the decks away there, bit by bit as I have the chance to photograph and post about 'em. The post below will remain, in case you want a sense of the giveaways I'm doing. Thanks for participating, this was fun for me! Blessed be. End of update


I am giving away two divination decks.

Backstory: Thirty-plus years as a spiritual counselor has led me to use a wide variety of decks.

But when gifted a huge collection of divination decks recently, I decided to pass on the handful that don't resonate with me. Receiving so many divination decks was a gift of bounty. It felt right to share the gift by only keeping decks I'd use.

It's been so much fun giving decks away on my sites, www.outlawbunny.com and www.stardrenched.com, that I thought I'd give two decks away here. End of backstory. 

The first deck is the Gypsy Oracle Cards.( Sorry the photos of these decks are a bit blurry. I had a lot of tech trouble today.) It comes with a teeny tiny booklet. I thumbed through the cards; they look new or barely used. I assume all the cards are there. I do not care, because I'm happy to read with an incomplete set—it makes a deck unique. I like this deck enough to try it for a while and see how it goes, but there were two sets in the collection I received.

The second deck is DruidCraft Tarot. Though I'm Druid, these don't appeal to me. I'm sure they'll be perfect for somebody, because everyone is so different. There's no box or instruction book. I thumbed through the cards; they look new or barely used. I assume all the cards are there.


To spread the bounty, I'm only giving one deck per person.

You don't even pay shipping. This is a complete giveaway. Giveaway blesses the giver.  

Do you want a deck? Instructions:

1) In the comment field below, write the name of the deck you want: DruidCraft Tarot or Gypsy Oracle Cards.

2) Email me a postal address (U. S. non-military address only) to which I can ship the deck. Put "Divination Decks Giveaway" in the subject field of the email. My email address is outlawbunny at outlawbunny.com

Important: If someone's written a deck's name in a comment field, it's not necessarily too late for you. Many people do step one, then forget to do step two. First person to do both steps receives the deck they want.

I'll update this post to let everyone know when both decks have been claimed. Blessed be your divination.