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The Spiritual Activist

The Spiritual Activist
by Claudia Horowitz
Penguin Compass


The Spiritual Activist is a how-to book for people struggling to make a difference in the world without burning out. Within its pages, activists and workers at risk for burnout such as social workers, teachers, and artists will find helpful techniques and resources for replenishing the spirit, mind and body.

While I did not experience a major transformation or epiphany after reading this book, I did emerge feeling a little bit more grounded and grateful for having read it. As a writer, I was most impressed by the “Words” chapter of the book, which included a helpful and practical section on journaling and a substantial discussion of prayer and mysticism.

The “Relationships” chapter of the book is also a winner, because it offers easy to put into practice, yet significant, suggestions on successfully dealing with conflict in relationships, strengthening one’s intentions and plans, and useful tips for communicate ing in an honest, and heartfelt way, even when one is dealing with people who are hurtful, sarcastic and rude.

The Spiritual Activist is a mixed bag, filled with personal stories of spiritual growth, resource lists, questions for reflection and activities to flex one’s spiritual muscles. Seekers looking for ways to slow down and bolster internal and external support systems will benefit the most from reading this book.


RATING: 3 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #01

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