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Full Tilt Living

Full Tilt Living
by Maureen Smith
Red Wheel/Weiser


Full Tilt Living is a small, sweet book, optimistic and cheerful, intended to be of help to people in living more fully and completely. The author, Maureen Smith, is a hypnotherapist, a trainer, and a newsletter publisher. She has good will and good advice to offer. The book is nicely designed and the information is clearly stated and accessible. I found the illustrations appealing.

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The Spiritual Activist

The Spiritual Activist
by Claudia Horowitz
Penguin Compass


The Spiritual Activist is a how-to book for people struggling to make a difference in the world without burning out. Within its pages, activists and workers at risk for burnout such as social workers, teachers, and artists will find helpful techniques and resources for replenishing the spirit, mind and body.

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Eternally Bad: Goddesses with Attitude

Eternally Bad:  
Goddesses with Attitude  
by Trina Robbins
Conari Press


These are baaaad girls, but you can’t just spank ’em, because they’re goddesses! Are you tired of reading about Jesus-in-a-skirt? Are you sick of so-called goddesses with less spine than a can of tuna? Read this book!

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The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress

The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress
by Hsi Lai
Destiny Books
(No Broomsticks. Yep. None.)


This book begins with a prologue worthy of the best traditions of the 1930’s pulps: a rare and secretive lineage of ancient masters, a 3,000-year legacy, a handwritten manual passed down through the ages, terrible vows of secrecy . . . at any moment I expected Fu Manchu to appear on scene, stroking his moustache in a sinister fashion. Alas, the rest of the book does not live up to the prologue’s promise. The author should have stuck to writing fiction.

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by Owl Goingback


In Owl Goingback’s new novel, Breed, something evil has arisen in St. Augustine, Florida. When police detective Jack Colvin stumbles upon the remains of a Wiccan priestess in the Tolomato Cemetery, he becomes involved in the investigation of something preying upon the town’s residents.

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The Wild Man

The Wild Man
by Patricia Nell Warren
The Wildcat Press


The Wild Man, a novel of gay love, is set in macho, repressive Spain in the 1960’s. It is unthinkable for men to love men, especially in the world of the bull ring, and most especially for a famous toreador. Antonio, a famous matador nearing thirty and retirement, has lived and loved in the shadows for all of his adult life, and expects to continue to do so. Then he meets Juan. The electricity between them keeps the reader turning pages, hoping against hope for a happy ending.

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