In today's Watery Wednesday edition, the PaganNewsBeagle brings you stories of our Pagan, witchy, and polytheist communities. Triumph for Maetreum of Cybele; a fairy census; Wiccan city council invocation; what's proper clerical wear for Pagans?; Pagan rock-n-roll.

In great news for all minority religions embattled by small-minded civic authorities, the Appeals Court of the State of New York ruled in favor of the Maetreum of Cybele ending a lengthy legal struggle over property tax exemption. The Wild Hunt has the story.

The Fairy Census is an attempt to gather, scientifically, the details of as many fairy sightings from the last century as possible and to measure, in an associated survey, contemporary attitudes to fairies.

Blake Kirk, a Wiccan priest, recently gave the invocation at a Huntsville, AL City Council meeting. Read his invocation in this report.

Chas. Clifton asks: "what should Pagans adopt as clerical dress for public functions?" is answered by Blake Kirk (who just gave the invocation in Huntsville) as well as others.

Jason Mankey shares his love for Pagan rock-and-roll. What did you think of his picks? Who are your favorite Pagan rockers?