Welcome to Airy Monday at the Pagan News Beagle. Today we have stories on the autumn night sky, campfire storytelling, quantum physics and miracles, virtual/created constructed beings, and Pagan academics.

The still-warm evenings of autumn make for great star-gazing. This article at Space.com points out what to look for when you look up.

Anthropologists are coming to the conclusion that the invention of fire among early humans led to the development of that most human of activities: storytelling.

This article at Vice explores the mysterious subculture of tulpamancy -- the construction of, and relationship with -- artificial/virtual beings. We found this subject reminiscent of the magickal techniques used to create entities like egregores, but its an entirely secular phenomenon. Have you heard of/experienced this mind-bending reality?

The site Big Questions Online features discussions of philosophical questions like "What Does Quantum Physics Have to Do with You?" and "Is It Rational To Believe in Miracles?"

The Pagan Academic European Associates Network has announced its upcoming online conference on the subject of Modern and Ancient Witchcraft to take place in October 9.