In today's Fiery Tuesday, we have a set of stories that touch on minority religious beliefs in North America: a Muslim prisoner's beard sparks a Supreme Court case; Canada to ban polygamy?; when is fortune-telling fraud?; welcoming Pele's lava; a Sikh sues to join US military -- with his beard intact.

Why should Pagans give a care about the Holt vs. Hayes Supreme Court case? This post lays out the important religious rights issues in the case.

Terming the practices "barbaric" Canadian lawmakers are looking to ban polygamy and the arranged marriage of minors.

This harrowing story lays bare the fraudulent practices of many commercial fortune-tellers and psychics. What's your experience with this practice? How can potential clients tell honest readers from the flim-flam artists?

Native Hawaiians Explain Why the the fiery goddess Pele and Her lava are honored guests.

Sikh men have a religious duty to wear a beard -- which has prevented them from serving in the U.S. military. Now a suit by a young Sikh man and the ACLU seeks to overturn the ban on beards.