Happy Tuesday! In today's PaganNewsBeagle, we feature stories that link activism with Paganism. A Pagan lawyer mixes belief with activism; freedom from religion in the Air Force; shutdown of Pagan chaplains at a Navy bootcamp; the Pagan ape; poverty and Pagan devotion.

A Pagan lawyer is guided by his beliefs to fight the Keystone Pipeline project. Find out the whole story in this post on the Wild Hunt.

Is "freedom from religion" part of military life? Not according to Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas) who has introduced the so-called "so help me God" bill making religious oaths mandatory for Air Force Academy cadets..

A Navy bootcamp has recently prohibited minority faith services (including Pagan ones) as reported in this article at the Navy Times.

Are Pagans inherently earth-friendly? In her post "The Pagan Ape" Lupa Greenwolf argues that, if we aren't, we really should be.

Pagans are sometimes poor; does that prevent us from personal devotion to the gods? Jennifer Lawrence ponders the question and offers some alternatives at this post on Gods&Radicals.