Today's Airy Monday focuses on news of antiquity and our modern attempts to understand the ways of our forebears, especially Pagan civilizations. Sounds from the Phaistos disk?; Greek mosaics in Turkey; who is the god on this Turkish stele?; breast cancer in an ancient princess; 300 year old witch bottle.

For more than a century, scientists have been puzzling over this mysterious 4000-year-old inscribed disk discovered on Crete. Now it’s been decoded. Well, three words have.

Wow: amazing mosaics recently discovered in Turkey bring Hellenistic civilization there to life.

Image of an unknown god discovered recently in Turkey is wonderfully preserved, and just part of a fascinating dig.

Modern tech meets ancient bones in this detailed report on the so-called "Siberian princess."

A 300 year old "witch bottle" uncovered in England was intended to repel evil sorcery.