Today's Airy Monday edition is full of fascinating science: what's beneath Stonehenge; a "clear glass" solar collector (imagine powering your cellphone with one!); "greening" a German power plant (literally); an analysis of why more women die from Ebola (and what it means to defeating the epidemic) and why the world smells different after a rainstorm. Enjoy your week!

Stonehenge will never be the same -- or, so says this report from Smithsonian, detailing the (literal) groundbreaking work of a team of scientists who have discovered its underground secrets.

This new invention may make distributed solar power generation possible right down to the windows in your house or the cellphone in your pocket.

Here's a fascinating idea: develop a green, living covering over power plants that look beautiful and, more important, captures the C02 emissions that the plant emits.

Why do more women die from Ebola than men? That the question addressed in this Foreign Policy article. The implications of this gender imbalance are pretty profound.

Why does it smell different after it rains? This video has the fascinating answer.