Dancing by the perfumed stream, singing flower airs

Down she wound her merry way unto the island’s lairs.

Unto the lairs she wound her way, where squirrels and muskrats live

And each in turn came out o’door, a token for to give.

A token glad of summer grass, a token sad of clay -

Earthy signs of life and death, and youth which fades away.


“For youth must pass away, dear girl, full branches turn to bare;

But let us laugh and sing today and show you how we care.

For you we care, for you we bear these tokens of our hearts.

We needs must give them now, you know, before the warmth departs.

You shine on us like Lady Spring, and dancing in the sun

We scarce believe that all of this must have so brief a run.”


Those things happened long ago - a warmer, younger day.

They also happen now, you know, the green grass and the clay.

The green grass and the clay, my dear, the branches full and bare.

Tomorrow’s sun will see them too, tomorrow’s spring will care.

Tomorrow’s spring will care for youth, for love and beauty’s laughter

Laughter fresh as flower airs, ringing ever after.


For you we care, our Lady rare, the muskrats, squirrels and I

And even now I'd tokens lay beneath the winter sky -

Beneath this snowy sky, dear girl, which blots out everything

Except my fondest memory: lithe, lovely Lady Spring.