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Alchemical and spiritual journey together with Thoth-Djehuty – exploring Kemeticism, Hermeticism, spiritual alchemy, and following the path of devotion.

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Soul, ignited with your light

The last year was very happy one for me, and full of wonderful travels, meetings with new friends, and blessings were poured like rain.
I really hope that the coming year will be also fulfilling and peaceful; and "let the God/s you honor, will send you everything you wish for, and gives their blessings to your friends, families, children and neighbors"...
For my first post in 2016, I want to share some of my devotional poetry again - written in honor of Thoth-Hermes-Djehuty.

I have my soul
ignited with your light…


when I whisper the words of love
I feel your wings
around, protecting me;
when I speak your praises -
it’s the only reason to know how to speak,
when I live for you -
it’s the only reason to remember again,
how to breathe…



why holy men-of-the-desert,
wanting to see the unseen light,
closed their eyes, to ignore the beauty
of sun and moon?
these are both perfect mirrors
of what the light from heaven is:
the eyes of God,
All-Creator, whose name is hidden,
are watching us
through the stars,
through the moon and the sun,
through the eyes of every bird
and every living being,
because love is source of all and everything is moved by it…


Love incarnated and love divine,
embracing all,
the never-ending beginning,
every second of life
filled with love
is the first second of creation,
all perfection once again…


You taught me how to breathe again
and taught me that words and signs don’t matter
when love enters the doors,
and my house, for Love and Wisdom,
is prepared and waiting, all furnished,
filled with scents of incense and flowers,
and here are for you
candlelight and the sounds of sistrums and bells,
and the white stone, gift from the Master-of-all-craftmanship,
is awaiting you as your throne and seat -

come to me,
Lord of my heart,
as you come to your city,
as you come to your temples,
as you descend to your shrines at dusk, to stay all night until dawn…


the silver sun of the night,
how it comes that we are rewarded so greatly
for serving you with small things?..


soul of human being, embraced by love of God -
most perfect and sacred union between heaven and earth,
and Geb and Nut can make a kiss beloved again,
when the sacred marriage happens
and dwellers of sky and the Duat are all rejoicing
when a soul joins the choirs
singing your praise,
the angelic Word,
ambassador of peace
between the rebelling humans and Gods…

© In-Taier 3.01.2015

Praising Thoth on the course of every day

And so, all my life exists
To give praises to Djehuty…
Glory be to you,
Who appears as ibis and baboon
and serpent and wolf
and a man, called Hermes,
bearing winged sandals...
Glory be to you,
You marked my heart with love to you,
You protect me at the judgment of all the Gods
And demand my heart as your prize
And I wish for nothing else in this life
But follow this verdict
and serve you in eternity
in this life and in afterlife
and in all times...
I never loved anyone so deeply -
only you…
I know, that for this love I will receive
Eternal judgment and eternal reward
Which will make me to belong to you forever
Who are you, and who am I?
My heart quivers
And in my mind, I fall on my knees
Adoring your might
And adoring your greatness.
How dare I to pronounce your name
And how could I build a temple to you
whom the heavens can not contain?

But you want the glories to be sung again
And offerings to be renewed,
You tell me your will,
And who am I, to speak against it?
Forever and in eternity
My justification and my judgment
When I will come to the hall of Maati –
To close my eyes, and send away the worries of the heart
And put all my hopes on you
And follow you, wherever you may go…

© In-Taier 14.10.2012 [translated into english: 13.09.2015]
Photo mine, from Ramses III funerary temple in Medinet-Habu (2015)

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Born in USSR and living in St. Petersburg, Russia; my spiritual journey started when I was a young teen. After more than 20 years of being practicing Russian Orthodox and later, Roman Catholic, I followed my heart always calling me to honor the Gods of Ancient Egypt. My devotion belongs to Thoth-Hermes-Djehuty, Thrice Greatest, Lord of Khemenu (Hermopolis), and I try to serve him as a priestess (hmt-Ntr). My path is independent, solitary and not hardcore reconstructionist, and I don’t belong to organized Kemetic temples.I studied biology in University, but after graduation, for many years have been working in telecommunications and computer networking. Now I work in international trade; but this is what I do “for a living”, as I’m poet and writer before all. I write poetry and prose since early childhood (of course, my writings are mostly in Russian) and I have some published books, science-fiction novels and poetry. I follow hermetic philosophy and viewpoints, and my interests, besides Ancient Egypt, include medieval history and art, Spiritual Alchemy, traveling around the world, translating books from English and studying more foreign languages (including Egyptian hieroglyphics). I am also president of the St. Petersburg chapter of the International Alchemy Guild.  


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