Altoid tin altar  




She is the singer of storms

The whisperer of death...

It is she who utters the invitation to slow down and pay attention to the bones. 

For it is only here, in death, that the promise of rebirth is sown. 


Who were the priestesses of this old Hag? 

The attendants to her rock and bone shrines. 

Did they, like her, 

Raise their slachans and ritualize the great dying back to the roots? 


In this time of darkness gather those things that you are not sure of. 

Those lingering things that are tangled around you - 

bring them to the Bone Mother so she may strike them down.  


Click here for a guided journey and enter the swirling waters of her great cauldron....

(file is hosted on soundcloud)



Bone Mother with the swirling waters of her cauldron - inspired by the Corryvrecken whirlpool 



 Hag Stones - It is said you can see into the otherworld through their hole portals



 Felted 'Daughter of the Cailleach' inspired by the river stones at the cailleach Shrine, Tigh na Cailleach, Scotland. Click here for shrine photo source



 Bone Mother rock



You can learn more about the Cailleach with my online course - click here for more details