Hello! My name is Jean Pagano and I am a Druid. I also go by the name “Drum”, so you may see me called by either one. I am a neo-pagan. I am honoured to have been asked to blog for this fine collection of writings.

I am a very long-time member of ADF and RDNA. RDNA is the oldest Druidic organisation born in America (circa 1963) and it has two tenets: a) Nature is Good; and b) Nature is very Good. As a neo-pagan, I think that everyone can agree on these two important and fundamental notions. In RDNA, we venerate the Earth Mother, Be’al, and a number of other deities. I am a Druid of the Third Order in RDNA and a priest.

I am a Senior Priest and charter member of ADF. ADF Druids are Indo-European neo-pagans and honour the Earth Mother (like RDNA) and the Kindreds, a grouping of Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and the Shining Ones, which are the Gods of our peoples. I write and travel extensively representing ADF (and RDNA) and talk about neo-paganism, topics relating to such, Hospitality, the Kindreds (separately and collectively), and all places in between. One thing I really like about ADF is that we are orthopraxic – all about Right Practice and not orthodoxic – which is concerned with Right Belief. I am the current Vice Arch Druid of ADF.

Through my writings, I hope to bring a Druidic perspective to things, especially hard polytheism, Neopaganism, and the value and beauty of including the Gods (and the Kindreds) in our daily life and practice. The many and distinct entities that we venerate are out there, waiting for our attention. I will present ways to honour these beings and talk about offerings, the gifts we give to these various entities, for thanks, for a reason, or just because. I hope you join me on my journey.

Let me leave you with a small gem, culled from a piece of RDNA liturgy, that I especially love:

"To you,
"Earth Mother,
"We return this portion of our bounty
"As one day,
"We must return,
"To you."

Blessings to you all,

Jean (Drum) Pagano