The magic of: Crocus

(Crocus vemus)

Often one of the first signs that spring is on the way, these pretty little flowers grow in woodlands, meadows and are cultivated in gardens. The crocus brings with it the promise of spring, new projects, new ideas and new ventures and if you are looking for it – new love.

Grow crocus in your garden or bring a bowl of crocus indoors to promote love in your home.  Keep a pot of crocus by your front door and they will bring happiness and hope to your house.

Visualise crocus or hold a crocus when you meditate and allow the spirit of the plant to take you on a journey and share its knowledge and wisdom with you via visions.

Crocus Magical Properties:

Love, happiness, hope, visions, blessings, new beginnings

Ruling planet – Venus

Sign - Aquarius

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine

Victorian flower language:

Although flowers have had ‘meanings’ for centuries, it was the Victorians that really jumped on the band wagon with this idea, a particular flower or the scent of one on a handkerchief could send a very important message to a suitor.   It was a whole ‘secret’ language devised to send messages or convey meanings in the form of flowers.  The list is huge and varied but the following will give you some idea.

Crocus meant: Cheer and gladness