Natural Rituals

Sometimes I work with a ritual structure, especially if I am leading a group ritual.  Something along the lines of casting the circle, calling the quarters, inviting deity then working magic & raising energy then closing it all down in reverse.  This format can work very well for wild witchcraft if you want it to.  The elements are after all the basics of nature itself so inviting them in makes sense.  Inviting deity to join you could be in the form of a specific goddesses and/or god that fits with your intent or perhaps a nature deity.   You may even choose to just invite Mother Earth and Father Sky to join you.  And casting the circle can be done with natural items such as autumn leaves or flower petals. It really is all about working with your intuition and going with what feels right for you. 

The alternative is to not plan any kind of structure and just go with the flow.  Stand in the middle of the forest, field or your garden and just see what happens…

If you are going to be raising energy or calling upon spirits it is often wise to cast a circle first but you have to be guided by your intuition and your level of experience.  Casting a circle only takes a moment and all you need is your visualisation skills to do it.  If you are out in a natural setting it will be easy to make a physical circle with sticks, pebbles and leaves but if you are in your living room at home then visualising is easier and less messy.   If you are using just your imagination you can go wild with it; visualise a ring of leaves, a wall of sticks or even a moat, the options are endless.  Casting a circle brings protection for you from without but also to contain the energy that you raise within. 

The act of casting a circle also helps to create your own personal sacred space but it is up to you to decide whether you need or want to do that.  If you are in a sheltered glade in a forest or standing in a lonely spot on the moors you may already feel you are in a sacred space.  Equally if you regularly work rituals and magic in your living room you may also feel that it is already your sacred space without need for anything further.

Representations of the elements in circle can be natural items such as a pebble for earth, a feather for air, a flame for fire (candle is probably the safest option) and a shell for water but you don’t need any physical items at all.  Try calling in the elements and just visualising their properties and seeing if you can feel the energy and their presence, the wind on your face when calling east/air and the soil beneath your feet when calling north/earth, the moisture in the air or raindrops on your face for west/water and the sun on your skin when calling in south/fire.

You don’t need any magical tools, you don’t need any quarter representations, you don’t need a wand or an athame in fact you don’t need any tools or items at all.  Just you, your intent and your imagination and you have yourself the most basic or elaborate ritual that you can conjure up in your mind’s eye. 

The power is within YOU not any items or tools.