(Artemisia vulgaris)

A tall perennial with silvery flower spikes and dark green leaves with silver underneath found on roadsides and waste ground.  Collect the flowers when they are open or just before and the leaves as well.

Mugwort is a very ancient herb for healing, magic and divination known to be protective to women and travellers.

The Latin name Artemisia comes from Artemis the Greek moon goddess and patron of women so it is an excellent herb to use for feminine energy and issues.

A bundle of mugwort placed under your pillow will bring about peaceful sleep and aid with lucid dreams and astral travel.

Mugwort makes a good alternative to sage in smudge sticks for cleansing and clearing.

Carry mugwort with you to provide psychic protection and use in workings to increase your psychic powers.

Throw mugwort onto the fire at midsummer to ensure protection for the following year.

Mugwort does not seem to be particularly favoured by the Fae so if you want to keep them out hang a bunch over your threshold.

A wash made with mugwort (dried mugwort steeped in boiling water) can be used to cleanse your crystals and tools or added to your floor wash.  Drink mugwort tea to help with your divination skills.

Place mugwort in your shoes to gain strength and stamina.

Mugwort Smudge Stick

Pick the top few inches of mugwort preferably when the flowers are still in bud (but not essential) leave them to dry for a few days then bundle them up (before they are completely dry).  Tie the ends together by winding a piece of twine or cotton around in a spiral from the base up to the top and back down again.  Tie securely then leave to dry out completely.

To use hold the smudge stick at the stem end and light the tip, it might need a little persuasion to get going, this can be done by gently blowing on it.  As you wave the smudge stick around each room/person the air circulating should keep it alight.

Mugwort Magical Properties:

Strength, psychic powers, protection, dreams, healing, astral travel, feminine energy, cleansing

Ruling planet – Venus, Moon

Sign - Cancer

Element – Earth

Gender – Feminine


Information from A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Plants and Herbs by Rachel Patterson