Knot Magic

Long stems of grass really lend themselves to knot magic but you can also use thin stems of plants such is ivy or even twine, string or ribbon.

If you have the patience you can ‘weave’ a ball and hang it up in your home to provide protection you can also plait the longer stems to make witches ladders.

Long stems of grass or plant can also be used for bindings and to control a person’s movements, to stop them from causing harm or to tie something down, symbolically of course not literally…

You can bind pretty much any intent by sealing it with a knot.  If you want a new job, a new dress or maybe a holiday pick your intent and tie the energy into a knot.

And of course that love kinda thing works very well with knot magic whether you want to tie your current relationship together or whether you want to just bring love your way this can be done by binding the intent into a knot.  Think about the handfasting or even some church weddings where the couples hands are tied together… I have to put a disclaimer in here, with love magic I find it personally wise to be mindful of the free will of another, it is obviously your choice if you choose to bind someone to you but I urge you to think very carefully about the consequences.

Tie a knot with the intent of prosperity, good health and luck and hang it over your front door so that every time someone walks in they bring the good energy with them.

If you are crafty you can of course take the knot magic a step further and crochet, weave or knit magic into something beautiful by putting the magic in as you create.

Need to boost your memory or remember something important?  Tie a knot in a piece of string and seal it in, when you see the knot you will know that you have to remember something.

And of course there is the flip side of binding and knot magic in that you can undo it too.  You can unbind a spell, a curse, an influence or negative energy.  You do this simply by binding the intent into the knot and then unravelling it.

You can keep the knot magic simple by literally just visualising or saying the intent as you tie the knot or you can put on a whole ritual with candles, incense and plinky plonky music the choice is yours.   You can even sprinkle the knot with corresponding herbs or dab with anointing oil.