Bragi is the god of music. He is married to Idunna, whose apples keep the gods from aging.

Fireverse-Bragi is probably pretty different than the Bragi of this universe, because the Fireverse needed a character within Asgard society that would actively oppose the teller of the story, who was Loki, and the opposition character became Bragi. Loki is usually cast as the opposition character in most traditional tellings of the mythology, but of course he would not cast himself in that role.

Fireverse-Bragi attempted the impossible task of trying to undermine Loki’s position with Odin, not realizing that Loki was Odin’s true brother and generated from himself. Fireverse-Bragi was somewhat fooled by Loki also having been born elsewhere and brought to Asgard as a child. Fireverse-Bragi tries to do this in order to gain social standing in Asgard, because he does not realize he doesn’t need to. Fireverse-Bragi thinks he is an ascended human. He never finds out the truth, that he is Odin’s son by Gunnlod, although other characters, including Loki, know this. Fireverse-Bragi was sent to Midgard as an infant and raised by humans, and did not know his own divine parentage. Odin never told him because he wanted him to awake to the knowledge himself, which would have deepened his wisdom and power.

The Bragi of this universe, as a god of music and poetry, is also something of a god of story. It is my gnosis outside the Fireverse than he does not mind being cast in the role of antagonist toward Loki in the Fireverse in order to advance the story.

Image: Bragi, holding a harp, sings before his wife Iðunn (1895) by Lorenz Frølich, public domain via Wikimedia Commons