This year's world events seem so random it's like being a character in a role playing game subject to the dreaded random encounter dice. People have been making memes all year about the latest random event and "did you have x on your 2020 bingo card?" Usually when someone suggests a particular event is chaos I reflexively try to explain why it's actually the function of order, that is, the function of some understandable process in which causes lead to effects, much like the heathen concept of wyrd and orlog. This year, though, it really does appear to be full of totally random, causeless events all over the world. There is a popular theory circulating on social media that explains the phenomenon, sometimes shared seriously and sometimes humorously. It references CERN, the Mandela Effect, and a small, possibly curious or mischievous, weasel.

Assuming you're a regular human and not a time mage or a god or one of the physicists planning to crack open reality and punch through to another universe, how can you travel through this time, relentlessly moving forward one minute per minute whether you will or you nil? How better than to invoke the protection of a god known for working through chaos to bring about a better world?

And how do you ask Loki for his guidance and protection? The most basic Asatru ritual is the sumbel, a toasting ritual. It's simple in form. Just get a beverage and make a toast. "Hail Loki. Please guide me and protect me through the chaos of these times. Hail Loki!" And drink your toast. If you already have a relationship with Loki, you'll know what usually works for you, but if you don't already include him in your personal practice, a simple toast is a good way to start. Save more elaborate rituals and altar-making and so on for later, if you grow into a closer relationship with him.

Chaos is its own type of order, of course. Chaos the field of mathematics operates its equations by the same mathematical rules as other fields of math. Loki himself has his own consistency, even if his shape changing and other abilities can look totally random. He is consistently an agent of change, for example. In mythology, that is, in stories, he often drives the plot. In actual religious practice he may appear to worshippers quite differently than he does in stories. Even to worshippers who write stories! If this is going to be your first experience with Loki, start small. You're getting acquainted with a potential new friend. Meet for coffee. I suggest pumpkin spice.

Image: Loki flying in falcon form, public domain by W. G. Wollingwood


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My booksigning in Phoenix drew a smaller crowd than I drew in pre-pandemic times at the same location, despite holding the event outdoors in the courtyard with the chairs placed for social distancing. These times are difficult ones for launching a new book, but with the help of the gods-- especially Loki! -- and of you, my loyal readers, we'll get through them! See a photo from my signing in the Heathen Visibility Project gallery of my Deviantart page, here:

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