While my state was on Phase 1 lockdown, I did not hold or go to any religious events in person. However, Nevada entered Phase 2 in the beginning of summer, and while online activities helped, I wanted to find a way to hold a kindred event safely. I decided on an entirely outdoor event, and since it reached 114 degrees out during the week I wanted to hold it, that meant holding it in the pool.

Starting with knowing this would be held in the pool, I designed an event around the theme of water. Last year during the Rainbow Season ritual, which honors Heimdall at the end of monsoon season, we had also honored Heimdall's Nine Mothers. I thought it would be appropriate to honor his mothers again this summer, just before the beginning of monsoon season. Heimdall's mothers are called the waves of the sea, and daughters of Aegir. Aegir is one of the gods who is of the Jotun tribe, and sometimes Heimdall's Nine Mothers are seen as mermaids. So I came up with the Mermaid Party.

Planning the Mermaid Party was one of the topics we covered in my recent internet radio interview. f you missed my interview on Inner Circle Sanctuary, you can listen for free here: https://www.innercirclesanctuary.com/updates-and-info/interview-with-erin-lale-heathen?fbclid=IwAR150uTmzGoJIrNSueSK8FuVtIoQ52QII-kDgzfIbI5_Cf9QhqcEkWc-tog

Image: assemblage of mermaid themed items including food and drink, photo by Erin Lale