b2ap3_thumbnail_khepertut.jpgWe are stardust, we are golden . . . Even though it’s ten days past the solstice, I’m still in a dreaming frame of mind.  An old friend appeared to me in a dream before I woke this morning.  She said, “I have a gift for you,” and placed in my hand a glowing blue scarab.  Delighted, I exclaimed, “Oh, a khepera!” Kheper (or Khepri or Khepera) is the Egyptian deity represented by the beetle which rolls its egg case from east to west, just like the sun.  I took this as a reminder from my very artistic friend that I should continue to create my life, keep on moving forward, keep my path on that of the dawn. 

The medium we all work with is the stuff of dreams – manu, primordial waters, or atum, original life force.  A pop song that my husband and I associate with our falling in love has a line that seems apropos, “I think I dreamed you into life.”  Seth (Jane Roberts, not the Egyptian Set) teaches us that everything must be dreamed of in the nonphysical inner world before we can bring it forth in this existence.  “Now, other planes and systems are as real and as unreal as your own.  They are all formed from inner vitality . . .” (The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material by Jane Roberts, 1966-1967) Making my own life is a lot of responsibility, so I’ve spent the past decade or two trying to be more intentional, more conscious, of what I am creating.  

Like the stars on Nut’s blue body, Seth says, “[T]he whole is far more infinite than you can conceive. . . But each self must go its own way and develop its own abilities and explore the possibilities which it creates itself, otherwise the whole would stagnate.”  That tells me there are no limits on where my creative nature may take me, even at the ripening age of 59.  I’m pleased to know that despite our “oneness,” every tiny bit of my own individuality is a thing of value, another extension of the constellations lighting my night way. 

Khepera is the sun in the morning, the life force at dawn, creation launching itself with purpose into the sky.  By noon, Khepera has become Horus, the shining golden hawk, soaring above all.  But Khepera is ever-becoming, slowly but inexorably moving forward in those first sweet rays of blue morning light.  It’s a new year, time to get started on my trek across the morning sky.