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Devotion 101

In response to this post here:, and as a result of several recent conversations that I've been having with various folks, I've decided that once a week (provided I get enough questions), I"ll be posting a 'Devotion 101' series. What does this mean? 

Well, I will answer questions, no matter how simple they may be, on devotion: how to do it, why we do it, how to get started. Readers can ask me "am i doing X right?" or "how can I honor Deity X better' and I'll do my best to answer. So long as I get questions from people, I'll keep this series running, maybe not every week (my academic term is starting soon after all) but as close to it as possible. 

It's become glaringly apparent recently that people are hungry for basic knowledge. One of the things that a good priest, a good spiritworker can be is a resource for this type of thing. So ask away. Post your questions here or send to krasskova at and I'll do my best to answer them. 

Be well, folks. 


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 Galina Krasskova is a Heathen priest, author, and Northern Tradition shaman. She holds a Masters degree in Religious Studies and is currently working toward a PhD in Classics. Galina is the author of several books including “Essays in Modern Heathenry” and “Skalded Apples: A Devotional Anthology to Idunna and Bragi.”
(Photo by Hudson Valley photographer Mary Ann Glass.)


  • gary c. e.
    gary c. e. Friday, 09 August 2013

    Greetings Galina

    Thank you for your post on devotion here.

    I am from the Taoist Way both philosophically and with it's religious side (religious taoism) with its Taoist Immortals and Ancestors.

    But be that as it may - my question about devotion to you is concerning trust. I know from your book and your post here your devotion is for Odin. In your cultivation of devotion for him is trust one of the important virtues -, in other words for me devotion implies trust - why do you trust Odin? And why? And for what?

    Devotion for me in my Taoist life is one of trusting the Tao because i connect with its presence and trust its presence - and Taoist Immortals and Ancestors embody that presence. And this is the essence of devotion for me.

    I look forward to your take on this! Thank you-

  • Galina Krasskova
    Galina Krasskova Friday, 09 August 2013

    I will answer this and all questions in forthcoming blogs here. :)

    I'll admit though, I find your question rather confusing. I trust Odin to be Odin. My place, role, job is to honor and serve Him. His Presence defines me.

  • gary c. e.
    gary c. e. Sunday, 11 August 2013

    thanks for acknowledging my comment/question - i appreciate the simplicity and straightforward reply. there is no dillydallying with you - how refreshing!:D

  • Galina Krasskova
    Galina Krasskova Monday, 12 August 2013

    Why would i dillydally? A question --particularly one on devotion--deserves a clear, concise answer. I've always equated dillydallying with a disorganized or undisciplined mind. lol.

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