The Mother Church of the ATC sits along the beautiful and wild, Skykomish River in a private resort community, in the very small township of Index, Washington. This quaint, cozy and magical place is one of the oldest and longest serving houses of witchcraft, the world headquarters of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. Within its property lines are a 38-year sacred collection of Wiccan artifacts, witchcraft history, sacred documents, and even items that belong to the Gods themselves.

The Mother Church is a Wiccan Monastery, housing priesthood members to tend to the grounds, appropriately store the artifacts, and care for the 6 buildings. The Archpriesthood lives in and runs the church from this mountain paradise, nestled into a caldera in the Cascade mountain range.

This enchanted, secret garden includes a permanent Hekate Shrine protecting a mausoleum which houses the remains of our founder and several other prominent Wiccan elders. It hosts three outdoor worship areas; a breathtaking standing stone circle, a fun and lively brick paved drum circle with fire pit, and for larger events a garden circle surrounded by Greek statuary and flanked by a shrine to Aphrodite complete with a 7 person hot tub.

Inside the church is a library that houses the main altar and day to day altar items. There is a commercial kitchen and dining hall, filled with everything one could need to host a gathering of 50 or more. The stainless steel appliances line the walls, making room for a 6 foot round kitchen table, where the live-in Priesthood share meals each day.

Some of the special features of the House include the stained glass ATC pentacle in the eave of the front porch, The huge sloping cedar cradling the back porch, the ever changing river, the amazing wild mushrooms and bears, the hand carved ATC Sign, Leonidas the Lion, and the Kwan Yin Shrine, where we do our daily devotionals.

The Mother Church hosts public events the first and third Saturday of the month. We host guests who wish to come and rest, reflect, and seek answers. The Hekate Shrine is open to visitors for prayer, meditation and to speak to Grandmother.

If you're in Washington State, and you're pagan, you owe it to yourself to come and see one of the oldest magical houses in the United States. Call ahead. You never know what we might be doing.