PanGaia #37 - Good & Evil

PanGaia #37 cover

PanGaia #37 - Good & Evil

Beyond Good & Evil: A Vision of Pagan Ethics · A Little Spot of Darkness: Reflections on the Relationship Between Good & Evil · When the Goddess Sings the Blues · The Paradox of Evil in Wiccan Theology · Sword Without a Hilt: Exploring the Nature of Evil · Black Hats Have More Fun · Healing of the Soil: When the Land Itself Defies Evil · Everything We Do Is a Ritual: Ethics and Practice in Haitian Voodou · Creating a Pagan Bookshelf: Part 1, the Classics · Witches and Wizards and Warriors, Oh My!: The Old Religion and the U.S. Military · Oaken Memory by M.T. Reiten · Underworld Perspective: Good and Evil · Words & Wheels: The Circle of Life · God/dess Gardening: In the Garden of Good & Evil · Wolf Journeys: Let's Go Tracking · Trail of Beauty: Autumn, a Season of Change · Connect the Dots: Just How Many Are We, Anyway? · Goddess in America: Black Magic in New Orleans · The Last Word: The Frightened Side of the Force

80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barrette. Nov 2003 - Feb 2004.

Available in classic paper by mail.

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