PanGaia #35 - Leadership & Community

PanGaia #35 cover

PanGaia #35 - Leadership & Community

A Path Beyond Grasping: Conflict and Ego in Pagan Groups · The Fool on the Hill: Dealing With Spiritual Emergencies · The Holy Order of the Hemp T-Shirt · The Charge of the Goddess as Ethical Precept · The Cultural Contradiction of Paganism · Hungry Cauldron Syndrome · Lothlorien Magic: Where the Elves Live · Creating the Pagan Future: Sustainability · Measuring the Great Mother: The Goddess and Geometry · Toe to Toe: Does Hierarchy Have a Place in Pagan Groups? · Do Unto Others by Barbara Fisher · Underworld Perspective: An Ancient Perspective on Leaderships · Gaian Gardening: Dancing With Vegetables * Wolf Journeys: Bird Language * Connecting the Dots: Interfaith Issues * Goddess in America: Smokey Mountain Gypsies * The Last Word: God Helps Those... · Rental Goddess

80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barrette. Spring 2003.

Available in classic paper by mail.

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